26 Sep 2014

Damned old shirts and Bodyline 2nd unwrapping

Some while ago I was out with friends and discovered something new about my old shirts (when I say old, it means OLD as in some ten years or so). It was a warm summer day, so I wore nothing but the shirt and a skirt. The shirt was functioning all fine and proper when I wore it back home, but when I went to where people are, the two buttons situated critically around my breast area kept opening up and gave me frequent heart attacks all day! Apparently I had become bustier than I had been years back *_*

You can probably imagine what kind of looks I got while strolling down the street with a few buttons awkwardly open... I suspect the purse on my shoulder gave just enough extra stretch to stress the buttons open, but I was so mad and ready to toss the damn shirts out of the window! I own two of these shirts, one white and one black, and thank goodness I've mostly worn the black one in public, because I also found out that the white one is almost transparent in sun light (o_o') Here they are, my two shirts of horror:

After looking at them for a while (on the verge of tossing them out of the window) I decided to cool off and went to buy two new shirts from Bodyline! Haha, take that you damned old shirts! That made me finally happy >:3 And happily enough I had been planning to buy new shirts with a little more lace on them anyway, so I just ended up doing it a little earlier than anticipated. I paid less for shipping this time and waited patiently for a good long while for the shirts to arrive (of course it feels like forever when waiting for something as nice as this!). I placed the order & paid on 4th of july and received the package within two weeks. Here's the unwrapping:

Again they were infinitely more beautiful than in the catalogue photos. I love those puffy sleeves! The lace of the white blouse is such delicate, beautiful, weaved cotton. No wonder the price was a little higher, but it was well worth every penny :3

Both blouses had lace up back which really helps adjusting the blouse according to what I'm wearing. The black blouse had strawberry buttons! I love the design, it goes well with casual styles too just like I wanted!

I'll have to warn you though, I am planning to remove those lovely strawberry buttons and replace them with boring buttons. Unfortunately strawberries or bright reds just don't go together with my other clothes, no matter how cute they are. And also, I'll be taking more drastic measures with the white blouse and plan to make the double collar into a single collar :3 Most of the ribbons have got to go, too much sweet for me! There's nothing wrong with the blouses, they are every bit as I had expected, I'll only be making the changes so I can wear the clothes and feel comfortable and feel at home with them. Once again, I am a very satisfied customer and will definitely be back with Bodyline again! I'll also be back later with updates on how the blouses turned out after a bit of fine tuning!

20 Sep 2014

Tracon 9 Lolita meetup

During the Tracon weekend we had a small lolita meetup on sunday morning at 10 am. It was really foggy on my way there and it felt really like autumn had come already.

Headband, jewellery - Selfmade
Jacket - Liz Lisa
Socks & purse - e-Bay
Dress & shoes - just random old stuff

It was actually my first time meeting other lolitas, I was so excited to get to know them! We met up at a cafe near Tracon, a few people came to join us later, because it was a bit early since everyone was already really tired from being at Tracon the day before. But that didn't matter at all! Everybody was so nice and it was fun to get to know other lolitas! Everyone was so beautifully dressed too, I just wanted to be looking at those gorgeous outfits all day long <3

The café also had some pretties on the shelves :3

I was so happy to meet everybody! We had a quick introduction round, because I wasn't the only new face around there :3 I wish I would have asked about everyone's coord, because they were so beautiful and I would have liked to know more, but I just lacked the courage to do so :< Next time I'll ask for a round to introduce the coords too! I only wish that the table had been round, so I could have heard everyone at the same time. I had to switch places often to get to know each person better!

After we left the café, some went their separate ways, but the rest of us headed for Tracon. We went to the park near Tampere-talo, where we had a quick photoshoot :3

A group photo near the lake :3
Sera had such a cute coord! I'm so jelly of that dress <3

Minja had such a puffy dress! And the hat is so cute :3

Pyry was a gentleman from head to toe! The outfit had such beautiful details!

Elina was wearing such beautifully matched greens! I just love that head piece!

I still need to learn how to pose like a lolita >_< but I'll get there!

Headband, jewellery, obi - Selfmade
Blouse - Bodyline
Socks & purse - e-Bay
Dress & shoes - just random old stuff

16 Sep 2014

Seraphine and Tracon 9

It's been a long time since I've been to any sort of con and last weekend I finally went to Tracon! I was at a con for the first time in, I don't know, 8 years? So it was a great comeback for me ^_^ It had grown since I last saw it, I even went to the very first Tracon, which was held at TTY. There was free entrance then and lots and lots of visitors even though it was a new thing back then! I'm so happy Tracon has grown so much these past years, and Tracon9 was sold out weeks before the actual event, so it was packed full! Lucky I had decided to get the tickets early. I wore a gothic lolita coord and I really felt so cute >w<

Dress - FanPlusFriend
Blouse - Bodyline
Purse - e-Bay
Socks - secondhand
Jewellery & hair clip - selfmade

There were so many interesting things going on at the same time, so I had a hard time choosing what to do. The obvious choice for us was to go to a concert, so we went to see Traconin legendat (Tracon's legends). They had a dance performance as well, and a narrated storyline to go along with the songs they played. My favourites were the Battle Theme from Inuyasha, Princess Mononoke's Theme and Walk from Totoro.

We also went to see the Beyond Real choir concert and it was amazing! One of my favourites from Tracon this year! And yes, again I cried like a little kid, especially when they sang Lilium from Elfen Lied! It was so beautiful :') 

We went to listen to lectures and see shows and met other lolitas too! I also found a police box! But I couldn't travel in time to see every lecture and performance, because the door wouldn't open :(

I got to try out this dancing arcade game with a sensor to catch the movement of the people in front of it, it was such fun! The idea was to match the movement of the pictures on the screen at the right time, it was like hitting the marks in by getting into the right position. It was much easier and much more fun than the dance pad (the pad with arrows, which you need to step on). Here's how the dancing arcade game looks on the screen:

There was this really nice girl, er, I mean Legolas, who played the game together with me! Legolas was much more skillful at dancing and moved around much faster than me :D She was a great dancing partner! It was such fun! I am definitely getting this game if I can get my hands on it! Here's me and Legolas trying to get started:

So how does this work?

Oh now I get it!


She's making hiphop hands while I'm making cat paws, such spontaneously loli-believable dancing xD

 We've got the groove!


 What a great pair :D

I seriously think we won.

 I wanted to play more, but there were many other people who wanted to try this game out too! I am so getting one *_*

There were so many cute and skillfully made outfits and costumes! I asked permission to take photos of the cosplayers, whose characters I loved, and had played each game and watched each movie or series more than once, and knew the whole story behind them. I just loved every one of them! Here are a few of my personal favourites!

Lightning (from the game Final Fantasy XIII), Beatrix (from the game Final Fantasy IX) and Edward Kenway (from the game Assassin's Creed: Black Flag), I would have loved to catch Steiner on photo too, but he had just moved further away and couldn't move, because they were in the middle of playing human chess!

Rikku and Paine (from the game Final Fantasy X-2)

Zakuro (from the anime series Otome Yokai Zakuro), I just loved her cosplay, I think it was such a perfect match with her, so cute <3

Nameless heroine (from the anime series Amnesia)

Tranduil (from the movie Hobbit), she just took my breath away with the level of her cosplay, it was beyond perfect!

There were lots of lovely handmade things and lots of individual art for sale in the Art Alley at the third floor! I had to go around it at least four times during the weekend and every time I saw something I hadn't noticed before! There were handmade jewellery, postcards, stickers, artworks, accessories and everything! There was also a huge marketplace at the first floor, there were clothes, plushies, figures, mangas, sweets and all kinds of things. Something had my name written on it, so here's my haul from over the weekend :3

If you see Tracon9 photos of yourself here, you are welcome to use the photos in your blog or facebook, just be sure to mention that the photos are taken by Seraphine & The Striped Box, okay? :3

15 Sep 2014

Final Symphony

The night before Tracon, there was a concert called Final Symphony in Tampere-talo. It was all Final Fantasy game music composed mainly by Nobuo Uematsu (it included FF VI, VII and X)! The concert was arranged by Roger Wanamo and Jonne Valtonen and played by the Tampere Filharmonics. We were lucky to get tickets, because it was soon sold out! To make the evening even more perfect, I also got to take my new umbrella with me, since it was almost raining :3

Jacket - Liz Lisa
Dress - Axes Femme
Purse - e-Bay
Umbrella - Day
Jewellery - Kalevala earrings & selfmade

It was such WOW! The concert hall was packed full, of about 1800 seats every single one was filled with an enthusiastic fan. The whole orchestral experience of something I've spent my whole childhood and youth with was just simply overwhelming! I was so touched I just cried big whale tears in my seat and tried not to make sniffing sounds, so I wouldn't ruin the concert for others :') But to my surprise I wasn't the only one crying over the beauty of the concert, even grown men had their hands discreetly lifted up to the corners of their eyes more than once! And there was touched sniffing to be heard all around us especially when Sephiroth's theme was played.

Here is a glimpse of the beautiful architecture of Tampere-talo

I have been listening to symphonies and classical music and soundtracks so much, that to my surprise, I was much more demanding of the whole performance than I was years ago. Despite the overwhelming experience, there were a thing or two I'd like to address, so here's my critique or things that I found a bit disturbing about the performance and about the arrangements made from the original compositions. If you don't like reading it, you can just skip the next two chapters to the nice parts :3

There was a pianist, Mischa Cheung, who led the orchestral performance for a while. He was a technical player, who didn't just play the piano, he was playing WITH the piano like a little kid, and in my opinion to such extent that any soul that would normally have been in the play, was simply gone. His performance was reduced to a show of soulless technical cleverness and mastered techniques, instead of concentrating to the beauty of the composition and to the music itself. He was shadowing over the orchestral harmony with his elaborate tech-show, so that it was difficult to experience the wonderfully soulful music the orchestra played as a whole, because there was one, who didn't even try to fit in at all or try to create the proper atmosphere. I was very thankful that he only led the performance for a while. I liked best the song Suteki Na De, which he performed alone as a solo. In my opinion Suteki Na De was well performed, because he couldn't tower over all the other players.

Also there was one very disturbing part in the arrangement made of the original composition, it was the part where Sephiroth kills Aeris. In the concert it was depicted as a violent battle between the two, constantly moving between Aeris and Sephiroth, and it ended abruptly into the last dying breaths of Aeris. Well, to me it felt like the ones who had made the arrangement hadn't even played the whole game at all! First of all, she didn't die abruptly, she died peacefully smiling with the Holy already glowing. The death of Aeris was all about acceptance, there was no fighting, no violence and no resistance on her part, because she needed to save the planet, she had accepted returning to the planet already when she went to face Sephiroth. However, there was no mention of Holy at all in the orchestral performance, even though that was the most important thing she left behind! In this particular part, the arrangement was too violent to depict the actual events of the game and left out some very important aspects which led the whole plot forward in the game itself.

Despite the things I disliked, the whole concert experience was beyond wonderful! My absolute favourites were Sephiroth's theme and Cosmo Canyon! Oh, the way the cellists gently drummed their cellos with the palms of their hands during Cosmo Canyon! It was wonderful! The warmth and joy of the players and the whole audience was visible, like you could reach out your arms and touch it! At the end of the concert the whole audience just stood up clapping their hands and shouted out with joy asking for more, so they played an encore for us twice! It was amazing <3 So thank you everyone who were a part of making this happen, whether you performed, arranged, composed or were there that night, thank you :')

 This photo was taken during the halftime, lucky it got blurred for some reason, because as I said, I cried big whale tears and it showed on my face too!