13 Sep 2014

A linen purse to match my hat

During the summer there was an event in Tampere called Lumous. It has a rather low profile so most people have never even heard of it even though it's been around for a long time. But in case you didn't know: Lumous is a gothic club festival in Tampere. It includes lots of bands playing in different places and other happenings all over the city, such as Dark Market, where you can buy gothic related stuff, and Gothnic which is simply a gothic picnic.

Since Lumous is mainly for goths with cyber or instrumental elements (guess I am more of a doom-goth maybe?) there was nothing else to tempt me except for the Dark Market, so we only stopped by there. Originally we had planned to go see some bands too, but alas, nothing suited our tastes :< Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing in the Dark Market with my name written on it either, so we just strolled around the city after taking a quick look. I've seen Lumous lots of times, so I kind of anticipated this, but it was fun just going to town and spending a day like this.

But we did take a few photos at Näsinkallio of me and my ice cream skirt, the rest of the outfit is just random stuff I found in my closet :3

However I did find a lovely little linen purse to match my linen hat when we went by Tallipiha! It is handmade by Sannan Lahjapaja. Though I did make a few tweaks to it after we got home adding the black bow and ribbon, they are the same as in my hat (which I coincidently also had tweaked before). The hat is from Etsy. Here they are, side by side like two best friends >w<

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