26 Sep 2014

Damned old shirts and Bodyline 2nd unwrapping

Some while ago I was out with friends and discovered something new about my old shirts (when I say old, it means OLD as in some ten years or so). It was a warm summer day, so I wore nothing but the shirt and a skirt. The shirt was functioning all fine and proper when I wore it back home, but when I went to where people are, the two buttons situated critically around my breast area kept opening up and gave me frequent heart attacks all day! Apparently I had become bustier than I had been years back *_*

You can probably imagine what kind of looks I got while strolling down the street with a few buttons awkwardly open... I suspect the purse on my shoulder gave just enough extra stretch to stress the buttons open, but I was so mad and ready to toss the damn shirts out of the window! I own two of these shirts, one white and one black, and thank goodness I've mostly worn the black one in public, because I also found out that the white one is almost transparent in sun light (o_o') Here they are, my two shirts of horror:

After looking at them for a while (on the verge of tossing them out of the window) I decided to cool off and went to buy two new shirts from Bodyline! Haha, take that you damned old shirts! That made me finally happy >:3 And happily enough I had been planning to buy new shirts with a little more lace on them anyway, so I just ended up doing it a little earlier than anticipated. I paid less for shipping this time and waited patiently for a good long while for the shirts to arrive (of course it feels like forever when waiting for something as nice as this!). I placed the order & paid on 4th of july and received the package within two weeks. Here's the unwrapping:

Again they were infinitely more beautiful than in the catalogue photos. I love those puffy sleeves! The lace of the white blouse is such delicate, beautiful, weaved cotton. No wonder the price was a little higher, but it was well worth every penny :3

Both blouses had lace up back which really helps adjusting the blouse according to what I'm wearing. The black blouse had strawberry buttons! I love the design, it goes well with casual styles too just like I wanted!

I'll have to warn you though, I am planning to remove those lovely strawberry buttons and replace them with boring buttons. Unfortunately strawberries or bright reds just don't go together with my other clothes, no matter how cute they are. And also, I'll be taking more drastic measures with the white blouse and plan to make the double collar into a single collar :3 Most of the ribbons have got to go, too much sweet for me! There's nothing wrong with the blouses, they are every bit as I had expected, I'll only be making the changes so I can wear the clothes and feel comfortable and feel at home with them. Once again, I am a very satisfied customer and will definitely be back with Bodyline again! I'll also be back later with updates on how the blouses turned out after a bit of fine tuning!

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