15 Sep 2014

Final Symphony

The night before Tracon, there was a concert called Final Symphony in Tampere-talo. It was all Final Fantasy game music composed mainly by Nobuo Uematsu (it included FF VI, VII and X)! The concert was arranged by Roger Wanamo and Jonne Valtonen and played by the Tampere Filharmonics. We were lucky to get tickets, because it was soon sold out! To make the evening even more perfect, I also got to take my new umbrella with me, since it was almost raining :3

Jacket - Liz Lisa
Dress - Axes Femme
Purse - e-Bay
Umbrella - Day
Jewellery - Kalevala earrings & selfmade

It was such WOW! The concert hall was packed full, of about 1800 seats every single one was filled with an enthusiastic fan. The whole orchestral experience of something I've spent my whole childhood and youth with was just simply overwhelming! I was so touched I just cried big whale tears in my seat and tried not to make sniffing sounds, so I wouldn't ruin the concert for others :') But to my surprise I wasn't the only one crying over the beauty of the concert, even grown men had their hands discreetly lifted up to the corners of their eyes more than once! And there was touched sniffing to be heard all around us especially when Sephiroth's theme was played.

Here is a glimpse of the beautiful architecture of Tampere-talo

I have been listening to symphonies and classical music and soundtracks so much, that to my surprise, I was much more demanding of the whole performance than I was years ago. Despite the overwhelming experience, there were a thing or two I'd like to address, so here's my critique or things that I found a bit disturbing about the performance and about the arrangements made from the original compositions. If you don't like reading it, you can just skip the next two chapters to the nice parts :3

There was a pianist, Mischa Cheung, who led the orchestral performance for a while. He was a technical player, who didn't just play the piano, he was playing WITH the piano like a little kid, and in my opinion to such extent that any soul that would normally have been in the play, was simply gone. His performance was reduced to a show of soulless technical cleverness and mastered techniques, instead of concentrating to the beauty of the composition and to the music itself. He was shadowing over the orchestral harmony with his elaborate tech-show, so that it was difficult to experience the wonderfully soulful music the orchestra played as a whole, because there was one, who didn't even try to fit in at all or try to create the proper atmosphere. I was very thankful that he only led the performance for a while. I liked best the song Suteki Na De, which he performed alone as a solo. In my opinion Suteki Na De was well performed, because he couldn't tower over all the other players.

Also there was one very disturbing part in the arrangement made of the original composition, it was the part where Sephiroth kills Aeris. In the concert it was depicted as a violent battle between the two, constantly moving between Aeris and Sephiroth, and it ended abruptly into the last dying breaths of Aeris. Well, to me it felt like the ones who had made the arrangement hadn't even played the whole game at all! First of all, she didn't die abruptly, she died peacefully smiling with the Holy already glowing. The death of Aeris was all about acceptance, there was no fighting, no violence and no resistance on her part, because she needed to save the planet, she had accepted returning to the planet already when she went to face Sephiroth. However, there was no mention of Holy at all in the orchestral performance, even though that was the most important thing she left behind! In this particular part, the arrangement was too violent to depict the actual events of the game and left out some very important aspects which led the whole plot forward in the game itself.

Despite the things I disliked, the whole concert experience was beyond wonderful! My absolute favourites were Sephiroth's theme and Cosmo Canyon! Oh, the way the cellists gently drummed their cellos with the palms of their hands during Cosmo Canyon! It was wonderful! The warmth and joy of the players and the whole audience was visible, like you could reach out your arms and touch it! At the end of the concert the whole audience just stood up clapping their hands and shouted out with joy asking for more, so they played an encore for us twice! It was amazing <3 So thank you everyone who were a part of making this happen, whether you performed, arranged, composed or were there that night, thank you :')

 This photo was taken during the halftime, lucky it got blurred for some reason, because as I said, I cried big whale tears and it showed on my face too!

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