12 Sep 2014

Improving my ice cream skirt

A while back I ordered a gorgeous black ice cream skirt from Bodyline. It was just perfect for me, I just love it, but it had just a tiny little flaw called golden details. Yes, GOLDEN. I was very much aware of them when I placed the order and planned getting rid of them as soon as possible, because gold just doesn't go well with me at all. Those rare times I ever wore it, I was constantly aware of having gold all over me and for some reason it just annoys me to no end. So, I ended up improving the skirt by removing all the golden thingies and replacing them with black and silvery ones :3 Here's the skirt before and after fine tuning:

Oh goodness, those eyelashes do look so weird on me! Luckily I much prefer a natural look anyway >w<

Ah, so much better ^_^ And at least now it's a little different from others and I don't have to worry about the exact same skirt lurking around every corner (yes, even lolita clothes do that!) :3

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