14 Sep 2014

Lockshop order trouble

I'd like to keep this a joyful blog and tell about nice things, and I wouldn't want to complain much, but unfortunately I have to make an exception in this case. I never want to think about another human being in the same situation as me, just because I didn't have the courage to share my experiences with this particular shop, so I feel I just have to pull myself together and write a bad review of Lockshop. I do hope that others have had pleasant dealings with them, but my case was not anywhere near pleasant. I suggest you skip this post if you don't want to read about my unfortunate experiences with Lockshop :'<

A while back I ordered a wig from Lockshop. I had found just a few reviews from the internet written by people who had ordered something from them. They said it was pretty much okay to order from them and that the quality was good. Well, I never got the wig, so I can't say anything about their quality, but for me the whole ordeal went horribly wrong, but lots of tears later I at least got my money back.

Here's how it all started:
I fell in love with a wig I saw in a Youtube video and decided that I must have it! It was Lockshop's Wawes Honey wig. I placed the order and paid on 9.7. The order was marked as shipped 7 whole days later. 4 Days after being marked shipped, I received an e-mail telling me they had run out of stock and asking if I wanted my money back. The message came from lockshopwigs at gmail. I didn't answer right away, because the package was supposed to be shipped 4 days ago and I was still hoping that the package would turn up at my door. It had clearly been marked shipped, so I of course assumed it had been shipped. 

A few days later, with no package at my door, I replied to their message kindly wondering: what in the what, am I going to get the package or not. No answer. I sent a second message some days later, a bit grumpier now, asking why haven't they answered to my previous message and where is my package. No answer. I really loved the short wawy style of this particular wig, and at this point I even considered swapping the wig to another colour which they apparently according to their webshop still had in stock, but I couldn't do much with the shop ignoring me.

I was upset by now after having been ignored for a good long while (for 22 days at this point, so yes, I am patient!), so I sent a third message 31.7. using their own website this time (instead of the e-mail which they had used). When scrobbling all the way down, they had this tiny box below my order details, where I could insert my message (it was not easy to find!). My message was as follows:

"This is the third and final message I will be sending you before taking this case to PayPal customer protection. I have sent you the first e-mail 11 days ago asking politely what's going on with my order with no reply. 2 days ago I sent another message asking the very same thing with no reply. The e-mail address I used was the same where I received my order confirmation: lockshopwigs at gmail. To this day I have not received any goods from your store. And I am very upset. It has been 23 days since I placed the order and paid it."

A reply came within the next few hours and it included only the following:

"We only take messages through our shopping system, by the way. I sent you a message earlier this month, as can be seen in your order history:
-order details-
Maybe the message ended up in your spam box, that's why I write to you through my personal e-mail. I will refund you the wig immediately."

Right after this message I had been fully refunded through PayPal. But at this point I snapped and lost my cool because of the rudeness of the letter. I sent them the following reply:

"Oh, well then, by the way, why do your messages come through gmail, if you do not use it? Normally there are other and much preferred ways to contacting a shop besides through their own websites (through e-mail for example), which in this case is a bit confusing when I need to go look for the message box on my order details. You might consider providing a link to your message and your shopping system next time you send me and e-mail through the e-mail you do not use. And I did see the "message" in my e-mail and used the "reply" button to answer it, because it said it came from lockshopwigs at gmail, so I assumed you know how to use your own e-mail. Here are the screenshots of the messages, I'll include them here since I couldn't attach them to your excellent shopping system earlier today.
I'd like to say one more thing, since you've so graciously refunded the full amount I've paid and this matter now seems to be fully closed: I am accustomed to much more polite customer service elsewhere, you might guess what this means."

And the screenshots were attached. And I wasn't any less pissed off than I had already been. After that I received a short message saying she didn't mean to be impolite and then I FINALLY got an apology. Yes, after I had become so pissed I didn't care anymore, yes THEN I do get an apology. Great. Just perfect. I had waited for 23 days to get this. Was it worth it? NO! So it resulted me going out of my way and coming here and cry about it :'< I had been really worried and paniced over this whole thing, and then it just felt like they blamed me for it. If they had been more appropriate about this matter and even apologized earlier to make sure I wasn't crying over it, I might have been more understanding, but I my opinion they were just being rude.

So what am I whining about? Here's what went wrong:
1. The order was marked as shipped, but it wasn't shipped. And it never even got shipped.
2. Four days after the supposed "shipping" I am told it wasn't shipped and they don't even have it anymore.
3. The e-mail, which was used to sent the message to me doesn't work the other way around. That's just so logical, of course I should have guessed that.
4. The webshop's tiny message box was a little too difficult to find, or to even guess it was the only way to actually contact them. My mother (and at least 6 others close to me) would never have found it and would have had to result to PayPal customer protection to get their money back.
5. No apologies. Not until in my last message, referring to their unpolite customer service quality, I told them "you might guess what this means".
6. All this resulted to lots of tears and me having come all the way out here to cry about Lockshop's rude behaviour :'<

So, to this day I have not received any package from Lockshop. But at least I got my money back, and that's the only positive thing about this whole thing. Luckily PayPal could have handled it for me if push had come to shove (I swear I'll never trust anyone again, sob ;__; ). I can't say anything about their quality since I never got anything from them except for the stress and grief they caused :c 

I think the price-quality might have been okay, but I wonder if anything is worth such an ordeal - or even the possibility of it, considering that no problem was on my end of the deal, I paid promptly and tried to contact them before losing my cool. Every problem that came up, came from their end. Heck, I've had better customer service anywhere. Always. I truly hate to be the horrifying customer complaining about everything, but I see no alternatives, because I found this experience nothing short of appalling. I can't bear to think of another human being in my shoes, going through the same thing, so I'm posting my experiences here. Such grief, oh gosh :'<


  1. Today 's 2 months anniversy of my order. No reactions to mails (ninika@gmail.com), shop's Help-thingy not working, 1 FB reaction asking to put the msg on another FB-page (Chokelate). What an adventure!

    1. Oh no, I am so sad to hear that °^° Most of my friends were very surprised to hear about my terrible experience, they'd had no trouble with their orders. Chokelate is the owner of the shop, so definitely try to contact her if you can, but it's really weird if she's not responding to e-mails. Luckily it seems that they care about the reputation of their shop, so it's very likely they'll take care of it eventually, just be persistent! 2 months is way too long! I wish you luck and hope they'll get it sorted out for you ♡ ♥ ♡

  2. Hello would you please be able to give me the email you used to contact them? I'm having the exact problem except my order states its has not be fullfilled a d its been a month :( i have been trying to get intouch with them through their gmail and online chat massage and paypal but i have not recieved any response apart from my order was confirmed and that they took my money Dx Its such terrible custoner service.

    1. Oh no, not again (Ó╭╮Ò) Their website seems to have a different appearance than when I had the trouble, but the e-mail they used to contact me after I finally found the contact box on their website was: anita.ponne at gmail.com

      Try that out and hopefully you'll receive an answer! Hopefully they'll sort it out, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ❤