14 Sep 2014

Seraphine & The Striped Box in Arboretum

We went to Arboretum in Tampere during the summer. It is a large, botanical outdoor garden filled with wonders, and of course it was perfect for a photoshoot session! I was wearing a selfmade dress. The fabric is japanese printed double-layered soft cotton (oooh!), designed by Kayo Horaguchi. I love the colours of this dress! It has giraffes, leopards, butterflies, leaves and trees, so it'll definitely not get boring no matter how long I stare at it :3 The hat is from Etsy and the purse from Sannan Lahjapaja (both I tuned up a little). The flower clip on the hat is also selfmade. The photos were taken by my husband.

Here's a better view of my hair-do, though it didn't much show from under the hat :3

We went to the rose garden lastly, after having photographed elsewhere with not too much people around. There were such beautiful blossoms in the rose garden! But alas, I did not have the courage to pose there and be photographed, because of all the people who wandered about there. They were already staring at me with enough curiosity even though I wasn't even doing anything interesting, so it was just too much for me to handle on such a hot day. So I thought I'd muster up the courage to do it next time and pose even if there were a lot of people staring at me. I just settled taking a few photos of the flowers this time!

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