10 Sep 2014

Seraphine & The Striped Box

The story behind all this began long ago, when one day my mother brought home a strange round box, which was given to her by someone, and she in turn gave it to me. The box was empty, but had black and white stripes on the sides and pink letters on the lid. The box was like magic to me, like one of those hat boxes from old movies: a treasure box! I put all my treasured accessories inside it and put it somewhere I could see it every day. During the years the contents changed, but always had one thing in common: they could only be worn in special occasions, and not with just any old outfit.

As the years rolled by it became more and more difficult for me to wear the contents of the striped box unlike in my childhood. I loved everything inside it, but couldn't easily find the occasion to wear them. Long months often passed without me so much as touching the box. It felt as though I just didn't have enough courage for example to put flowers in my hair even though I really wanted to, because I felt they wouldn't go well with my gothic black clothes. Or at least that's what I always told myself.

The box itself became one of my most treasured items, it was a treasury, and just looking at it always made me feel better. The box started to signify all the thing I desperately wanted, but didn't let myself have. It became a test of courage, when I'd dear to wear something colourful and cheerful. I loved flowers, cupcakes, ribbons and lace, especially in accessories and clothes, but somehow these things were very hard to put together with me. I just lacked the courage.

One day, not so long ago, I opened the striped box and put on a colourful selfmade flower headband. I matched it to my outfit perfectly and wore it with pride all day long. I had come to realize how I had been afraid to change myself. I had clung to something old and thought I couldn't change, I thought it was good for me to stay that way. But it had stopped me from growing to the direction I really wanted to go: I was the one holding me back from doing whatever I wanted! The Striped Box led me to realizing this and helped me change myself into a better person, be more open and happy, enjoy things I had always wanted to enjoy, even the tiniest things. It said to me "Go on, you can do it! Go get your first Lolita clothes!".
And I did <3

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