11 Sep 2014

The very first order from Bodyline

I know it's a bit late now since I placed the order on june 24th and received the package shortly after that, but I don't think it makes any difference since I'm still just so exited! These are the very first "real" lolita clothes I ever owned >w< I purchased Bodyline's ice cream treat printed skirt in black and a puffy sleeved lace blouse in beige. I was looking for a skirt with cupcake print, but the ice cream skirt was just so cute I decided I MUST have it! ...And also needed a frilly blouse in beige.

I was so surprised when I got my goods! They were infinitely more beautiful than I had expected! The catalogue photos just didn't do justice to the clothes I got, they were so well made and beautifully detailed, even the lace was lovely (and I was prepared to remove it)! I paid a little extra for the faster shipping just in case, and boy was it fast! Here's the screenshot showing the package traveling across the globe:

Apparently it took just one day to get from Tokyo to Helsinki, Finland. The package did get stuck in the Customs, but after I paid the fees it cleared out there super fast and was at my door the very next morning. Here's the unwrapping of my very first order from Bodyline!

And here's me derping with weird faces, because I had fake eyelashes on (will never again wear them after remembering that they seriously do not go well with me!). My eyes were all itchy and oozy and I had to wash off all the makeup too right after taking the photos!

And here's some details. Inside the upper part of the skirt there's flexible boning to help keep a beautiful shape on the waist. Also the stretching elastic and the corset lace up on the back helps adjusting to proper size. It was a bit tight to me at first, so I had to loosen up the lacing in the back, but after that it was just perfect.

The blouse was also adorable! I loved how the bow could be removed! I didn't know if it was sewn on or not when I ordered the blouse. Here's the blouse with and without the bow:

The blouse was a bit more loose than I had thought, but it was exactly the way I like it and was not too tight around the neck either, and the lace wasn't itchy! The details were beautiful, but most of all I just loved those buttons <3

I plan to remove all the gold thingies before wearing the skirt in public (was planning to do so already when ordering). There's absolutely nothing wrong with them, it's just that I don't wear gold at all and my jewellery is all made from silver. Luckily I even have enough similar silvery leftover buttons to replace the golden ones. This also ensures that nobody has the exact same skirt on as me, as I've made a bit of fine tuning to it :3

I have nothing bad to say about this experience, it simply was beyond my expectations! I am very happy with the clothes and will surely wear them often. And I will surely be back for more <3

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