20 Sep 2014

Tracon 9 Lolita meetup

During the Tracon weekend we had a small lolita meetup on sunday morning at 10 am. It was really foggy on my way there and it felt really like autumn had come already.

Headband, jewellery - Selfmade
Jacket - Liz Lisa
Socks & purse - e-Bay
Dress & shoes - just random old stuff

It was actually my first time meeting other lolitas, I was so excited to get to know them! We met up at a cafe near Tracon, a few people came to join us later, because it was a bit early since everyone was already really tired from being at Tracon the day before. But that didn't matter at all! Everybody was so nice and it was fun to get to know other lolitas! Everyone was so beautifully dressed too, I just wanted to be looking at those gorgeous outfits all day long <3

The café also had some pretties on the shelves :3

I was so happy to meet everybody! We had a quick introduction round, because I wasn't the only new face around there :3 I wish I would have asked about everyone's coord, because they were so beautiful and I would have liked to know more, but I just lacked the courage to do so :< Next time I'll ask for a round to introduce the coords too! I only wish that the table had been round, so I could have heard everyone at the same time. I had to switch places often to get to know each person better!

After we left the café, some went their separate ways, but the rest of us headed for Tracon. We went to the park near Tampere-talo, where we had a quick photoshoot :3

A group photo near the lake :3
Sera had such a cute coord! I'm so jelly of that dress <3

Minja had such a puffy dress! And the hat is so cute :3

Pyry was a gentleman from head to toe! The outfit had such beautiful details!

Elina was wearing such beautifully matched greens! I just love that head piece!

I still need to learn how to pose like a lolita >_< but I'll get there!

Headband, jewellery, obi - Selfmade
Blouse - Bodyline
Socks & purse - e-Bay
Dress & shoes - just random old stuff

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