22 Oct 2014

Cakes from my past

My birthday is getting closer by the minute, so hoping to get ideas for my birthday party cake, I went and looked in my photo folder. Well. I did find something. My gosh, it seems I've managed all sorts of things during the years (_;) Memory is playing tricks on me now, because it seems I've been at this kawaii thing for quite a while now even in baking, the first cake is from 2006. I've clearly had too much time on my hands way back when I made all these cakes, so don't you go expecting to see a 3-tiered lolitacake on my birthday ;3 

 Anyway, you can clearly see that I made these cakes years back, since even though they look way too yummy to eat, there's just too much colouring in them, I only use naturals nowadays :3 Oh, but I DO have kawaii yummies planned for my birthday, so you won't be disappointed (except if you were waiting to see a Moogle cake, that's not going to happen, well, at least not just yet)!


  1. wow!! so inspirful and amazing cakes for birthdays!! look soo yummy too!
    im following you have you followed me back? it would be nice!
    have a nice day! kisses!:)


  2. Replies
    1. (=^‥^=) kyllä se Mooglenkin viä joskus tarvii värkätä!