31 Oct 2014


Today is the opening night of the cat café Purnauskis in Tampere! I'm really excited to see what kind of a place it is, because I've never been to a cat cafe before! They'll be having fire shows and live music there, and a few local lolitas have promised to meet me there :3 I'll be sure to make a post about it later!

This post however is about the finds I've made these past two months. I've got a few packages on the way for my birthday too, very excited about that, because my dream skirt with carousel horses is coming, and also the most amazing bonnet I've seen so far (my very first bonnet actually), it's like it's straight out from Jane Austen's works (><)

Speaking of carousel horses, yesterday I saw the cutest coord on one of my local community members! I really like her style, I love the way she makes it look so easy, like she's just always herself with those cute lolita clothes! Sometimes I feel like I try too much, like I'd lose the feeling of being just me, of feeling comfortable. I hate that feeling. But seeing this wonderful girl encouraged me so much, just seeing her, that made me realize I don't need to put on make-up if I don't want it. I don't need high heels if I can't walk with them, I can still look awesome. I'm gonna go "au naturel" with no make-up and no hair-do or wig to the opening night today ◕‿◕

The girl I was talking about was wearing Innocent World's Merry go Round jsk in brown, and my goodness, just as I thought I had gone and bought my dream item, THE dream item, I go and find this new dreamy dress! I just NEED to have it too, she looked so cute in her coord (^^)  

But back to business, here's a few shopping finds!

This creamy white skirt is from Bodyline, I got it during the free shipping campaing. I love it so much! It goes with practically anything in my wardrobe.

This is an overdress I got secondhand from another girl on facebook. It's actually beige and way too big for me (as anticipated) so I'm going to tweak it a bit :3

I saw this shirt when I was killing time in town and even though it has golden buttons I just HAD to have it! Because the buttons... *_* ...are just too cute. Even in gold.

A pair of tights from the same trip. Went back and got another pair later.

From the same trip. And yes, I am showing you my panties. They are way cute not to show! Wish I could wear them on top of my clothes...

Plates for my birthday party! Because let's face it, anything I'm gonna serve from these WILL taste ridiculously good.

And finally, my precious note stand. I have been struggling painstakingly without it. For now I only play my instruments for myself (mainly ocarina, but also kantele, bodhran and a few other things). I have an akward history of freezing up in front of others, but one day I hope to gather enough courage to perform to a nice group of friendly lolitas ◕‿◕ And that would be a dream come true too, if I could just pull it off while being just me. Without turning into a performance artist, without stumbling or freezing up. Without pressure. Just out of pure love for music, I wish I could become able to share the joy with someone who'd love music and would want to listen to my playing.


  1. Aa osaat soittaa kanteletta? Ihanaa *___*, rakastan kanteleen soittoa, toivon että ois jotain kursseja Tampereella että voisin alkaa soittamaan :<. Tosi kiva postaus oli muutenkin.

    1. Kiitos! Joo mulla on itseasiassa virolainen kannel, mutta käytännössä sama asia kuin suomalainen 10-kielinen kantele. Se ei paljoa opetusta vaadi kun mikä tahansa kuulostaa hienolta, joten suosittelen vaan rohkeasti koittamaan, jos saat joskus tiliasuuden (voidaan vaikka sellainen järjestää mun luona joskus synttäreiden jälkeen) ^_^

  2. Voi mitä ihanuuksia! Mistä muuten nuo sukkikset ovat?:3

    1. Kiitos ^_^ sukkikset on Kappahlista!