3 Oct 2014

Fixing my blouses

As promised here's how my Bodyline blouses turned out after making a few alterations to them. The black blouse only had red strawberry buttons I needed to replace, because they didn't go well with my wardrobe. The buttons have been carefully stashed for later use though ;) Here's the blouse before and after fine tuning:

 I dodn't honor my promise of replacing the strawberry buttons with just plain old boring buttons, and instead found very interesting and pretty buttons! Here's a closeup :3

Here's me wearing the blouse at Tracon9

The white blouse was a little more work because of the double collar. It was just too sweet for me and I was very much aware of it when I placed the order, but I really liked the design of the blouse and the details. When I received the blouse I pulled it on right away after opening the package and then showed it to my husband. He chocked a little on his morning coffee and then laughed and said it wasn't really looking like me at all xD Well, he was right, and I had known it all along, but of course I just had to try it on anyway to see if it fit (or just to see his face)! Well, I ended up removing the double collar and now have a very nice toned-down blouse with single collar and three satin bows less. My husband likes it better now ;3 Here's the before and after photos:

I love the blouses now after a bit of tweaking, the designs are beautiful! I can wear them more easily with my wardrobe and they won't stand out awkwardly from all the other clothes I'm wearing! Very happy now :3

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