19 Oct 2014

Museum meet-up

Wig - e-Bay
Blouse - FanPlusFriend
Jacket & neck bow - vintage
Jewellery & hair cameo clip - selfmade (except for the ring)
the rest - random stuff from my closet

We had a historical theme for coords for the museum meet-up. Yup, I ended up wearing black from head to toe again. Sure I've got a blue jacket and a purple wig, but let's face it: this is just sad. The whole point of me getting into lolita was to get some colour in my wardrobe again! I swear I'll stop cheating myself and wear pastels next time, so embarrassed now ~(>_<)

We spent a lovely autumn sunday visiting a museum (Hiekan taidemuseo) at Tampere. It was a historic place with lovely interior, there was such beautiful art and elaborately detailed furniture! It was such a great place for a lolita meet-up! Afterwards we all went to a café <3 I was so happy to get to know new people!  And I was very happy to see "old" friends again too ^_^ Everyone was so beautiful! Here's some outfit shots I took at the museum!

 I was very happy with my coord none the less! I'll just make it with actual colours next time :3 Thanks Saija for taking the photo!

 Saija's coord was gangster's wife inspired :3

 Bea was wearing her dream dress!

 Sera was elegant as always :3

 I just love this group photo! It's so colourful <3

 And of course: the derp version :D


  1. Niin ihanat asut teillä kaikilla!! <3 ja mikä idyllinen museo!

    1. Joo oli kyllä kiva miitti ^_^ Harmi vaan, ettei museossa saanut juuri kuvata, olisi ollut kaikenlaisia upeuksia asujen lisäksi :3