27 Nov 2014


For my birthday I received lots of wonderful things! The girls I invited to my lolita birthday party brought me a bag full of lovelies

Birthday cards and a cute little panda! They had even found me a leaflet of this magical photography art by Miina Savolainen! I had seen her exhibition years ago when I was still at school studying art, and had forgotten all about it, but now I have new inspiration!

The Peter Rabbit mug was also in the bag they brought me, I love it so much! It reminded me so of my childhood! I've had those tiny bunny figurines for these past 18 years, my old treasures, so I just had to photograph them together  I got the unicorn headband for myself, because my dream items are still in the mail. Unfortunately the quality of the headband turned out to be so bad that I'll have to remake it, but oh well.

These amazing gloves were in the bag too! They are such a perfect match with the flower corsage I got for myself along with the headband. They both have greyish blue shades, though the photo doesn't show their gorgeousness! I'm sure they will be a perfect match with the dream dress I ordered for my birthday present!

My husband got these for me from Stockmann as a small birthday present, everything glitters like snow (I got to choose which ones I wanted of course)! The real present was a bike, which he bought, put together from pieces and had custom painted for me during the autumn. I love that bike, it is the most awesome bike, turquoise and can handle any sort of terrain! I hope that one day we'll be able to go to Lapland and bike together in the amazing landscape and desolate rocky terrain. Or maybe even Scotland!

24 Nov 2014

My birthday party

Up until now I've spent my birthdays quietly and without a fuss for years, but this year I wanted something different. It's been a terrible year for me, so I gave myself a permission to pamper myself with a kiddy birthday party ◕‿◕ I've at least deserved that much! So I invited some of my lolita friends to celebrate my birthday with me! I wanted a princessy theme, so it became rococo inspired. There were 8 of us, because my kitchen couldn't seat more than that, and  I was very happy to have so many lovely guests! Everyone was very beautifully dressed, but unfortunately we didn't take a group photo, because nobody remembered it(>д<)

I really felt special, I felt happy treating noms to all those friends, having them come all the way out here to spend the day with me, it was something I haven't had in a long, long time, and something I realize I really had wished for a long time. I loved talking with everyone and I think we all had a really good time  ωSo thanks again everyone, you made my day! Special thanks to Erica and Saija for taking some of the photos for me!

Candle lit snack time!

It was such nom!

I served selfmade strawberry lemonade made out of the juice I made last summer. It's my favourite

I had decorated the chairs with flowers and ribbons.

After snacking we made paper crowns and decorated them with glitter and flowers.

My crown (◡‿◡✿)

See? I'm enjoying everything else except the wig.

Discussing fine details of making a crown! Very important.

Time for desserts!

The chocolate cake got the honors to try out the glass dome thingy for the first time. It doesn't stash well when there isn't a cake inside.

Also my cute plates were serving rolled flat cake (suomeksi siis käärelättänä). It was supposed to have bird patterns on it, but they didn't turn out so well, people didn't see them as birds! They were guessed to be teapots or even skulls  (><) But who cares, the cake tasted good!

Observe my new curtains in the background.

I made a lolita cardgame, so we got to try it out for the first time! I was so happy it worked and people liked it! It was so much fun! We ended up calling it the "coordgame", since that's what we were trying to do.

Here's one of my winning coords. Need to make a few "over the top" pieces to make it more exciting.

I received presents too, but I'll make another post about that later, since this one is pretty photo spammed as it is. Sadly I'm still waiting for my dream items to be shipped, I bought them for myself as a birthday present and I'm beginning to be very impatient! But they said they'll ship them as soon as they can, so I'll try to be a good girl and wait a little longer  ◕‿◕

Also here's links to the blog posts Sera and Saija made to their blogs about the birthday party

2-piece dress - selfmade
Skirt peeking under the dress - e-Bay (tuned)
Jewellery & hair accessory - selfmade
Under shirt - vintage
Over knee socks - Sokos

19 Nov 2014

Google, I love you!

Today is my birthday! I received a lot of cute cards and happy birthday wishes, but one took me completely by surprise this morning! As I was unsuspectingly signing in to my computer, I saw this from my good old friend Google:

It says: "Happy birthday Seraphine!" in finnish :D

So thanks Google, I love you too <3

18 Nov 2014

Sewing my rococo two-piece

During the summer I was drooling over Mary Magdalene dresses and also Victorian Maiden. I happened upon the MM website a day after they had released new sets of amazing things and what did I see? All sold out (_;) So I decided to not hunt for something I just can't have, and sew up something myself (also, I seriously lack the coin for even second hand brand clothes no matter how gorgeous).

The most I wanted Victorian Maiden's jsk, the Fairy Check Doll dress, it's just perfect for me, simple and elegant, not too much and not too little going on in that dress. I could wear it fancy or just casual, because of the possibility of making a few tweaks on the appearance of the dress. So I decided to make a dress inspired by the Fairy Check Doll dress.

I was going to use a minty blue cotton fabric with flower prints for this (which I had purchased some while ago), but I suddenly came across the perfect fabric when wandering about Eurokangas (how on earth did I get there?) and I just couldn't leave the fabric behind! And though I was not into flowers before lolita, surprisingly enough, this fabric also has flower patterns on it, third one already and in such a short time too. I think they're just growing on me, soon I'll be sprouting flowers from everywhere (◡‿◡✿)

The fabric was just screaming rococo at me (along with TAKE ME!) so I had to listen to what it said and change my original plans. So after finding the perfect fabric for rococo inspired dress I had to come up with new designs for it and ended up with a two-piece so it would be more versatile. I just had the feeling it would be too fancy for everyday wear if it was a one piece, so I came up with the idea for a blouse and skirt instead. I had an old secondhand blouse with a corset lace-up on the back so it required no zipper (which was ideal for rococo), and I found the perfect design for the sleeves in a photo of one of Victorian Maiden's dresses. So now all I had to do was come up with the patterns based on those. Oh boy, such fun conjuring up patterns out of thin air... Well, I skipped a step or two and cut the fabric in a touchy-feely way using only measurements. 

Also I used the fabric "inside-out", because I loved the colours better that way. The only difference between the "back side" and the "right side" is the colour fading, the fabric and print quality is very good either way :3

Here's the skirt cut out.

  The top.

And sleeves.

And ready! The top can be pulled over head, so no zippers needed.

The skirt has a little shirring at the back and a zipper on the side.

 It can be tweaked with in-built ribbons.

I am so happy with how it all looks, just so perfect! Worth the trouble of sewing it, and the cost also is much less than buying the whole thing ready-made. I really didn't make any patterns, I just cut the fabric and it turned out like this. Which is kind of a bummer now that I think about it, because if I ever wanted to remake this 2-piece I'd have to re-invent the patterns (_;) Oh well, I'll probably end up with a different design next time anyway :3 Oh, and in the next post I will be wearing the dress for my birthday party!