4 Nov 2014

Opening of Purnauskis

As I told you before, I went to the opening night of the cat café Purnauskis at Tampere. We met up with a few local lolitas and took a look around. The café itself was for reservations only, but we did get to take a sneek-peek through the window ~(=^^)= The interior was really pretty, they had tree trunks and all kinds of things for the cats to climb on. I liked the feel and the atmosphere of the café very much! I will be posting about it more once we've had a proper meet-up there.


 The opening night was actually a carnival on Hallows Eve. They had decorated the area with cat-carved pumpkins! There were led light hula hoop performances and fire shows. I really liked the performances, they were fun to watch despite the small technical problems with the equipment. A big tent was set up in the park and there was a DJ constantly playing music. I had understood that there would also be live music performances, so I was a bit (well a lot) disappointed when I found out that the only live music performance was inside the café and for invited quests only. I would have really loved to get to see it, because they had kantele performance there ;__; Well, it's only my favourite instrument and a rare opportunity at that, no biggie :'<

But I had fun anyway! There were lots of friends and we sat and talked in the nearby café to stay warm. I really love the local lolitas here, I've had so many interesting conversations with them already, I think I'll never get bored :D And as promised, I went without makeup or hair-do. I had a bit of a flu, so I coordinated a warm hoodie with my brand new loli-skirt and tights (I'm one of those people who just have GOT to wear it if it's new).

Jewellery - selfmade
Skirt & brooch on the hat - Bodyline
Tights - Kappahl (I'm wearing double to keep warm)
Coat - Liz Lisa
Purse - e-Bay
The rest - random stuff from my closet


  1. Hello, I have a beautiful giveaway in my blog. You are invited. See you and kisses.
    The giveaway is very cute and kawaii.

    1. I'll be sure to drop by and take a look!

  2. Aivan ihana toi hame! Sukkiksetkin on oikein sievät ja takki <3___<3! Toivottavasti paranet pian :).


    ☆ Daily Fuckery ☆

    1. Kiitos ^_^ Kyllä tää flunssa tästä väistymäänpäin ainakin on, mutta ei se kauheasti auttanut kun oli vaan pakko päästä avajaisiin ja siellä oli viluisaa!

  3. Moi!

    Ihana blogi! Luin kaikki postaukset ja tuun kyllä jatkossakin tänne lukemaan ja katselemaan kaikkia kauniita juttuja : )

    Ihanaa, että oot löytänyt tyylin, joka on sun oma ja tuntuu hyvältä. Oot tosi kaunis kaikissa kuvissa! Monet sun esittelemistä asusteista ja vaatteista ottaisin mielelläni omaankin vaatekaappiini : ) Ja kissakahvilassa pitää kyllä käydä, en tiennytkään, että se on jo avattu.

    Nähdään sitten joulukuussa! : )


    1. Awws ♡ Kiitos, ja kiva kun tulit lukemaan ^_^ Nähdään pian!