27 Nov 2014


For my birthday I received lots of wonderful things! The girls I invited to my lolita birthday party brought me a bag full of lovelies

Birthday cards and a cute little panda! They had even found me a leaflet of this magical photography art by Miina Savolainen! I had seen her exhibition years ago when I was still at school studying art, and had forgotten all about it, but now I have new inspiration!

The Peter Rabbit mug was also in the bag they brought me, I love it so much! It reminded me so of my childhood! I've had those tiny bunny figurines for these past 18 years, my old treasures, so I just had to photograph them together  I got the unicorn headband for myself, because my dream items are still in the mail. Unfortunately the quality of the headband turned out to be so bad that I'll have to remake it, but oh well.

These amazing gloves were in the bag too! They are such a perfect match with the flower corsage I got for myself along with the headband. They both have greyish blue shades, though the photo doesn't show their gorgeousness! I'm sure they will be a perfect match with the dream dress I ordered for my birthday present!

My husband got these for me from Stockmann as a small birthday present, everything glitters like snow (I got to choose which ones I wanted of course)! The real present was a bike, which he bought, put together from pieces and had custom painted for me during the autumn. I love that bike, it is the most awesome bike, turquoise and can handle any sort of terrain! I hope that one day we'll be able to go to Lapland and bike together in the amazing landscape and desolate rocky terrain. Or maybe even Scotland!

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