31 Dec 2014

One friday look

This is a "casual" coord I wore one friday during the autumn. Everything is just random stuff I put together from my closet. My husband was sick with fever, so I figured I'd cheer us both up by wearing something nice and colourful! It worked 。◕‿◕。 

The skirt is selfmade from a horribly ill fitting dress I found from a second hand shop some years back. I gave it a new life and made a matching bow too! I got myself a set of flowery thingies to go with it. Unfortunately the headband soon came apart and I had to completely remake it. Also the flower brooch was actually a barette and not very impressive at that, so I remade it as well. I'll make a post about that later. Now I have learned the hard way of not getting any of those from somewhere else, and to take the time and effort of making them myself to ensure the quality is up to my standards ω`)

Below here is the dress before I retouched it, just to share the terror of that dress! The photo was a proof of one of my very first attemts to see if there was lolita appropriate clothing in my closet :'D Keep in mind that I never wore this more than a few minutes and I didn't own a petticoat yet. I didn't put any effort into makeup or hairdo, because I just wanted to see if I could whip the dress into lolita. I could not. In fact I could never bring myself to actually wear the bloody thing since it just never flattered me at all! Hence the remake. But I always loved the fabric and am now very happy with how it turned out as a new skirt. It is now perfeclty loliable and I can FINALLY wear it! Yay (>ᴗ<) 


26 Dec 2014

Lolita Christmas present circle

I joined our Lolita community Christmas present circle! Each of us was given a person at random to whom we sent a present, so each of us got one and sent one. I love the idea and received a very lovely present!

The wrappings were so cute! And I think that this anonymous sender knew my love for birds, since there's a bright red bird on the Chritmas card 。◕‿◕。

Inside there was a lovely bambi note book and a cute pen! The bambies glitter like snow ♡ I'll have use for these straight away, since I regurlary write down scetches due to my profession!

I also set up a facebook page for my blog recently, because I heard it would be easier to follow me on facebook and see the new post links there 。◕‿◕。 Hopefully I'll soon set up another one for my new Storenvy shop, so be on the lookout, because it's going to be cute and lolita friendly! I already ordered the calling cards, now it's just a matter of finding the time to carefully photograph all the items!

17 Dec 2014

Chritmas meet-up

Skirt - Bodyline
Ear posts & bracelet - selfmade
Ice cream necklace - Tipitii
Cardigan - Seppälä
Stockings - Kappahl
The rest - random stuff from my closet

We had a Christmas meet-up at Tallipiha café in Tampere! 13 very lovely people attended and we had a merry day together! This meet was actually orchestrated by me, so it was the second meet-up I threw together, but everything did not go as planned as I received a phone call and was informed about the accidental double booking at the café only a few hours before the meet! Luckily everything turned out okay and they were able to whip up a space for us around a large table. I think everybody had fun despite the slightly cramped space around the table. I was very happy to meet new people too :3

I surprised myself by wearing pastels head to toe! And I felt good! I tried out festive coords too, but this was the only one I felt comfortable in, so I decided to go semi-casual even though most were dressed with the Christmas theme in mind.

Now that I look at it, it is definitely more like sweet lolita, the very one I thought I would never wear. Fancy that 。◕‿◕。  

My lazy side won and I just braided my hair to be able to wear a woolen hat over it. Luckily I love braids and think they look so cute!

My ice cream necklace! I have 3 different colours and styles, but I love this one the best. It gives such a good contrast to this coord.

Had to wear a matching bracelet of course.

My favourite stockings, wearing double because of the cold!

All the lovely lolita ladies and a gentleman! Thank you Tiina for the photo!

We exchanged Christmas gifts, so that each gift was put in a bag and each participant pulled out a present without seeing what was in the bag. I LOVE my present! It had cute nut cracker wrappings and inside there was a lovely notebook and light blue lace socks, they were just the most perfect shade too! I've been meaning to get socks like this! And I always carry a small note book with me, so the notebook is also perfect for me!

14 Dec 2014

Hair tutorial: Braided bird's nest

I love long hair, but it's sometimes so much work to get it looking just right. So I came up with an easy and fast braided bun! It's really simple to do and you don't even need any hairsprays at all! You'll only need and elastic to tie your braid, some bobby pins to secure the bun and a big bow or flower clip to decorate. I've made it lots of times back when I had shorter hair (and also recently with even longer hair than in these photos), so it works for many lengths, you'll just end up having a larger or smaller bun or a smaller or bigger accessory. Here's the instructions:

Brush and braid your hair.

Bring the braid up and make a loop.

You can try and bring the braid up to make the loop left or right to see which looks better to you.

Secure it with bobby pins. Always tuck them in from downwards to up, this way it'll hold up better.

Tuck the end of the braid inside a "pocket" of your hair.

Secure the tail with bobby pins.


Here's the bun on a different day! It holds up beautifully even on a windy day :3

8 Dec 2014

Christmas projects part 2

For the first time in years I made gingerbread cookies (though without the ginger). I used spelt flour, cinnamon and cardamom and the cookies turned out nice and fluffy! Also made them almost too cute to eat.

In my childhood my grandparents used to have these chocolate ornaments wrapped in colourful silver foil hung in their tree, so that all the grandchildren could pick one or two of these yummy ornaments when we came visiting for christmas. They were usually hollow like chocolate easter eggs, and wrapped in green, red and gold. I found out that they are rather expencive to buy nowadays, if you even happen to find them, so I decided to make my own version of them. I used just plain old silver foil and heavy chocolate hassel truffles, otherwise known as "chocolate ballsies". Here's how to make the ornaments:

You'll only need skissors, silver foil, silver string and round chocolate truffles.

Cut a small piece of the foil ~15x10 cm and a 10 cm piece of the string. Tie the string to make a loop for hanging the ornament.

Wrap the other end of the foil to form a sort of small "stick".

Put the string on top of it with the knot facing down and inwards.

Turn the foil "stick" downwards over the string and the knot.

Wrap some foil over the "stick" to cover and secure the string and the knot.

Put in the truffle, leave enough room to wrap the foil over it.

Turn the foil over the truffle.

Be gentle so the truffle won't break, mine were pretty soft.

Tuck in all the ends and gently roll the ball around the tabletop to make the foil smooth out evenly around the ball without breaking the truffle.

Repeat as many times as needed! I made 18 christmas ballsies for my little tree :3

Here they are, much nicer now! And much more yummier!

I also tuned up one of the ornaments I got this year. It was a muffin, but it was a bit plain, so I decided to colour the cherry on top! Here's how it turned out:

Much better. Both of the big ornaments I got this year now hang on my kitchen window. I also got some candy canes to decorate the area around our lobby. Though I ate two. I wonder if there'll be any left for the actual christmas day? Oh well. 

3 Dec 2014

Christmas projects part 1

As I showed you earlier, I got these lovelies for christmas this year. We've never had a christmas tree of our own before and my husband frowned upon the idea of us getting one now, since he doesn't like all that christmasy hassle. Luckily his frown turned into a smile when he saw the tree decorated ω

I wanted to get a tree that wouldn't shed its neeles all over the place, so I decided to get a plastic one. First I tried to look for a tree small enough to fit the place I had pictured it to. No luck there. The smaller ones were way small and too scrawny. So instead we ended up buying a full size tree of 150 cm. Of course I had to make some adjustments to it and sawed some extra off and added some fluff at the bottom.

Perfect. Then I needed some more ornaments for decoration. Years ago I got some golden hearts with a crafting purchase I made, they were included as a surprise gift. I kept them all these years despite of them being golden... (did I mention that I hate gold?). Now they finally got to be handy! I wanted pink, mint and white to match the owls I got for the tree, so I just added some acrylic paint and glitter!

After that I was all set to decorate the tree! While I was looking for the perfect ribbon from my stash, I happened to stumble accross a small treasure box; it hed tiny colourful bells from my childhood! They were coincidentally just the same colours as the owls! I was very proud of myself after finding them, but began to wonder if it was really just a coinsidence... or maybe it was FATE! Here's how it turned out:

I'll be making another post about other christmas projects at hand, so be on the lookout! I promise there will be more crafty stuff once I've just finished them projects!