3 Dec 2014

Christmas projects part 1

As I showed you earlier, I got these lovelies for christmas this year. We've never had a christmas tree of our own before and my husband frowned upon the idea of us getting one now, since he doesn't like all that christmasy hassle. Luckily his frown turned into a smile when he saw the tree decorated ω

I wanted to get a tree that wouldn't shed its neeles all over the place, so I decided to get a plastic one. First I tried to look for a tree small enough to fit the place I had pictured it to. No luck there. The smaller ones were way small and too scrawny. So instead we ended up buying a full size tree of 150 cm. Of course I had to make some adjustments to it and sawed some extra off and added some fluff at the bottom.

Perfect. Then I needed some more ornaments for decoration. Years ago I got some golden hearts with a crafting purchase I made, they were included as a surprise gift. I kept them all these years despite of them being golden... (did I mention that I hate gold?). Now they finally got to be handy! I wanted pink, mint and white to match the owls I got for the tree, so I just added some acrylic paint and glitter!

After that I was all set to decorate the tree! While I was looking for the perfect ribbon from my stash, I happened to stumble accross a small treasure box; it hed tiny colourful bells from my childhood! They were coincidentally just the same colours as the owls! I was very proud of myself after finding them, but began to wonder if it was really just a coinsidence... or maybe it was FATE! Here's how it turned out:

I'll be making another post about other christmas projects at hand, so be on the lookout! I promise there will be more crafty stuff once I've just finished them projects!


  1. Voi mitä ihania kuusenkoristeita! *__*
    Oot kyllä niin näpsäkkä ja on silmää laitta nätisti ♥

    ♡ Frillycakes ♡

    1. Kiitos 。◕‿◕。 ja lisää on tulossa nyt kun kerran pääsin vauhtiin!

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  3. Nice blog! And such a cute christmas tree! :)
    X hazumi / hazumichan.blogspot.com