8 Dec 2014

Christmas projects part 2

For the first time in years I made gingerbread cookies (though without the ginger). I used spelt flour, cinnamon and cardamom and the cookies turned out nice and fluffy! Also made them almost too cute to eat.

In my childhood my grandparents used to have these chocolate ornaments wrapped in colourful silver foil hung in their tree, so that all the grandchildren could pick one or two of these yummy ornaments when we came visiting for christmas. They were usually hollow like chocolate easter eggs, and wrapped in green, red and gold. I found out that they are rather expencive to buy nowadays, if you even happen to find them, so I decided to make my own version of them. I used just plain old silver foil and heavy chocolate hassel truffles, otherwise known as "chocolate ballsies". Here's how to make the ornaments:

You'll only need skissors, silver foil, silver string and round chocolate truffles.

Cut a small piece of the foil ~15x10 cm and a 10 cm piece of the string. Tie the string to make a loop for hanging the ornament.

Wrap the other end of the foil to form a sort of small "stick".

Put the string on top of it with the knot facing down and inwards.

Turn the foil "stick" downwards over the string and the knot.

Wrap some foil over the "stick" to cover and secure the string and the knot.

Put in the truffle, leave enough room to wrap the foil over it.

Turn the foil over the truffle.

Be gentle so the truffle won't break, mine were pretty soft.

Tuck in all the ends and gently roll the ball around the tabletop to make the foil smooth out evenly around the ball without breaking the truffle.

Repeat as many times as needed! I made 18 christmas ballsies for my little tree :3

Here they are, much nicer now! And much more yummier!

I also tuned up one of the ornaments I got this year. It was a muffin, but it was a bit plain, so I decided to colour the cherry on top! Here's how it turned out:

Much better. Both of the big ornaments I got this year now hang on my kitchen window. I also got some candy canes to decorate the area around our lobby. Though I ate two. I wonder if there'll be any left for the actual christmas day? Oh well. 

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