14 Dec 2014

Hair tutorial: Braided bird's nest

I love long hair, but it's sometimes so much work to get it looking just right. So I came up with an easy and fast braided bun! It's really simple to do and you don't even need any hairsprays at all! You'll only need and elastic to tie your braid, some bobby pins to secure the bun and a big bow or flower clip to decorate. I've made it lots of times back when I had shorter hair (and also recently with even longer hair than in these photos), so it works for many lengths, you'll just end up having a larger or smaller bun or a smaller or bigger accessory. Here's the instructions:

Brush and braid your hair.

Bring the braid up and make a loop.

You can try and bring the braid up to make the loop left or right to see which looks better to you.

Secure it with bobby pins. Always tuck them in from downwards to up, this way it'll hold up better.

Tuck the end of the braid inside a "pocket" of your hair.

Secure the tail with bobby pins.


Here's the bun on a different day! It holds up beautifully even on a windy day :3


  1. Ompas näpsäkkä! :D Varmasti helppo ja nopeakin vielä laittaa, vielä nättikin ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Joo laiskimus maximus iski kun sopivat lolivaatteet oli valkattuna ja sitten piti vielä keksiä, että mitenkäs se tukka laitettais :3

  2. Ihana toi valkoinen hiuskoru!<3

    1. Kiitos! Se tuli mun Bodylinen hameen mukana :3 Se on oikeestaan rintaneula, kun siinä on vaan hakanen takana, mutta pysyy hyvin tämmöisessä kampauksessa.