31 Dec 2014

One friday look

This is a "casual" coord I wore one friday during the autumn. Everything is just random stuff I put together from my closet. My husband was sick with fever, so I figured I'd cheer us both up by wearing something nice and colourful! It worked 。◕‿◕。 

The skirt is selfmade from a horribly ill fitting dress I found from a second hand shop some years back. I gave it a new life and made a matching bow too! I got myself a set of flowery thingies to go with it. Unfortunately the headband soon came apart and I had to completely remake it. Also the flower brooch was actually a barette and not very impressive at that, so I remade it as well. I'll make a post about that later. Now I have learned the hard way of not getting any of those from somewhere else, and to take the time and effort of making them myself to ensure the quality is up to my standards ω`)

Below here is the dress before I retouched it, just to share the terror of that dress! The photo was a proof of one of my very first attemts to see if there was lolita appropriate clothing in my closet :'D Keep in mind that I never wore this more than a few minutes and I didn't own a petticoat yet. I didn't put any effort into makeup or hairdo, because I just wanted to see if I could whip the dress into lolita. I could not. In fact I could never bring myself to actually wear the bloody thing since it just never flattered me at all! Hence the remake. But I always loved the fabric and am now very happy with how it turned out as a new skirt. It is now perfeclty loliable and I can FINALLY wear it! Yay (>ᴗ<) 



  1. Tykkään ihan hirveesti sun luonnollisuudesta! :) Etkä todellakaan edes tarvitsisi tekoripsiä tai piilolinssejä, koska olet niin ihanan elovenamaisen luonnonkaunis.:)

  2. Aws kiitos kaunis <3 Tosi ihanasti sanottu (๑>ᴗ<๑) En kylläkään aina oo ihan kauheen itsevarma ilman meikkiä, mutta lolitassa on se hyvä puoli, että voi aina silti tuntea olonsa nätiksi ja prinsessaiseksi! Tilasin just hiuspidennyksetkin, ettei tarttis pitää peruukia ja sais silti vähän luonnollisen näköistä muhkeutta kampauksiin :)