30 Jan 2015

LBC: My Lolita Room

I decided to do my first post with Lolita Blog Carnival! LBC is an online lolita group to which you can join if you have a lolita fashion blog. Together we decide a topic and then we make a post about it and link back to each other, so our readers can easily read other LBC posts made of the same topic :3

This week's topic is My Lolita Room, but I'm going to bend the title a bit, because obviously I couldn't choose, and decided to do the whole house instead. So prerape for an epic photo stream of my lolified interior!

Living room

My favourite colour is green, so you can see it practically everywhere. Also I love the warm dark shades of (walnut?) brown, most of the furniture are that shade. Except for them bloody speakers! They are handmade by my husband and they will get a coating of the same brown shade once my husband finds the time to actually finish them :3

(_;) Also, please notice the playstation pad and keyboard under the table. They are so very lolita. We are both eager console players and have in fact sometimes a hard time taking turns in playing, so I kind of forgot that the equipment is not so beautifully incorporated into the interior.

The folding screen gives a bit of that nice japanese feel (at least I think so) and separates the living room from all of the random stuff behind it, including empty frames, silk painting screens, a few chairs and some tools. Yes, I am a visual artist by profession, so random weird stuff is bound to be found in each and every corner!

No, that is not a post-it-heart, but a well cencured wedding photo. It is also the only thing I've actually bought for myself beside the mirror and blue birdie tin box. Pretty much everything else atop the cabinet has been passed down to me or given as a gift. There's lots of that old stuff all around the house too.

I love this clock, it is my favourite shade of green (as is the wall paper behind and on the opposite wall). It was passed down to me from my mother. The tiny bunny figurines were given to me by my godmother when I was a child and the kitty came from my sister many years ago. I love old and atique-feeling things!

This felt cupcake is my threasure! It is one of 3 which my husband gave to me one Valentine's day some years ago. After turning lolita last summer I finally put it on display in the living room :3

This wooden kitty by the window is also a treasure from my childhood.

Notice my precioussss birdie wallpaper! I love it! It's been 4 years since we put it up there and I still just love it! Did I mention I love birds? The weird table and the tiny stand under it are both my handiwork for an exhibition I had back in 2011. 

I love this antiqued wooden chest or "klapiloota" as we call it in finnish :D The LP player passed down to us from my husband's parents and is from the 60's I think? And yes, that is a lava lamp with glitter inside. It's been with me since the 90's and I will not part with it!


Did I mention that my favourite colour is green? Well it obviously is. Also I love birds. They are both very much visible in the kitchen.

Though on the way to the kitchen there is something I want to show you...

These were made by a collegue way back when I was still at the art school! They are the size of a postcard, so they were perfect to spark up this shady little wall before the kitchen. They always make me smile

I made them curtains after I turned lolita, but everything else I already had (except for them birds on the other wall).

The drums are handmade and painted by me some years ago. I had to buy a brand new bodhran though, because these won't tune ω`) Oh well, they're still pretty!

Love this clock! It's been with me for a decade now, gives that certain edge to this room

Cute postcards to decorate perfectly boring and empty doors! Love them! And I change them from time to time, for Christmas I had different cards, these are my summer cards (do you hear me summer?! Head back here right now!)

Old treasure on the kitchen window.

See them birds?! They go perfectly with the clock too (>ᴗ<) 

My cupcake teatowel


 See, there's the notorious Striped Box! It holds my hair accessories, in fact all those boxes do (and there's still more boxes in the bedroom). The photo on the wall was taken by me at our summer cottage (the weird green-white thing is a reflection from the mirror).

The jar in the middle holds colourful memories: bath soaps I used to collect as a child! They are each different and shaped as a star, girl, strawberry or even as a whale! The oldest dates back 20 years. I hope they won't ever go bad or something...


In the lobby there's the latest purchase to our interior. Yes, it IS the map of the Lonely Mountain which I got from Yukicon (^^) So proud. Though it is not actually hung yet, since I'll be making a friend for it: a Middle Earth map, when I have the time! So very excited! Did I mention I love LOTR? 


The bedroom has been updated quite recently. In fact I just finished it yesterday to be able to make this post (^_~)I made them paintings on the wall and tuned up the framing there, so you'll soon see why I took so long finishing the bedroom.

My painting: "Belt of stars". The photo does no justice to it since the RGB is unable to mix the right colours using just red, green and blue! Oh holy crab balls, I could write an essay going over all the RGB's short comings! Well anyway, this is my favourite piece of work at the moment, it reminds me of my sister so much. It actually has some amazing depth when you look into it, it feels like the sky is moving further and further away as the stars come in closer and seem to even move! My husband says they twinkle :D

And voilá! A jewellery stash! Each and every necklace is handmade by me. I made the jewellery stash by tuning up an old frame, which was just lying around. I'll make a tutorial on how I made it later when I'll get over all the other things on my to-do-list ;) 

Another one of my works: "There's still time". It reminds me of my father. It is a kindler of hope for me, it encourages me to see the light even on the darkest hour. But most of all it reminds me of how tough my inner light really is.

Another jewellery stash for my earrings and bracelets! Again, all handmade by me.

Lolita accessory boxes :3 And of course the most fashionable and loliable alarm clock ever.

Koneko-chan postcards!

My old treasures on the bedroom window: a tiffany glass butterfly and a dragon!

That's it for my LBC: My Lolita Room post! I hope you had fun reading, though the photo stream was rather epic for this one (I even kept my work studio for myself and didn't include things that weren't loliable around the house, and still it became this epic!). Oh well, at least I had fun :3

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