20 Jan 2015

Tipitii at Yukicon 2015

I was at Yukicon a week ago with my shop Tipitii. My husband came to help me out and we even had friends sharing the car ride with us to Yukicon :) I only wish I'd had friends like this back when I was 15, though it's still a blessing to have them now.

We met lots of new and interesting people too! Got to talk to some very nice people I knew, but hadn't met before, like Milla from Talking to Myself. We had fun and I got to wear my new Yolanda bonnet and Magic Tea Party dress (>ᴗ<) which just arrived before Christmas (will be making a video review later when I've got the editing done, but I'll tell you this: it will be horrible, since the experience as a customer was dreadful with MyLolitaDress).

I was very excited to wear my new dress and bonnet, but at the same time I started to fele awkward and weird. After a while this culminated into a feeling of horror when I was taking a break and saw myself reflecting of the huge mirrors on the walls while I walked down the stairs to the ladies room. Suddenly I didn't see myself as a beautiful lolita girl, but instead I saw myself descend the stairs with this huge satellite dish on my head and this really weird looking dress surrounded by all the normal people (at that moment there were no coplayers around). For a moment I felt devastatingly foolish. I was wearing my dream hat and the dress I fell in love with (though with different cut) and yet this happened, it was an odd moment. I haven't been this lost before when wearing lolita. And as I entered the ladies room I started to wonder with horror: what had I been thinking when putting this outfit on!

But in exchange for this unexpected slump something wonderful happened. A girl got up the bench at the restroom as soon as she saw me come in and asked to take my picture I was so relieved and happy, and I felt confident again! It was so unexpected that I didn't even realize that I should have asked to send the photos to me too! Oh well... After I left the ladies room, there was another girl who asked to take my picture! 

I rarely get this kind of a slump when wearing lolita, because I always wear it for myself. It makes me happy to sew new things and to make coords for myself and see what looks good to me. I didn't think that I would feel this misplaced with it or think of myself being foolish for doing what I love. 

I went for a bit of a regency look, so I didn't wear any visible make up and put my hair under the bonnet (though my hair flows out at the back, but I was well aware that it is not common to wear a bonnet like this in lolita). But I was happy with how it turned out even though I will be making some modifications to the dress later, since I'm not pleased with the babydoll cut (which it was NOT supposed to have). Sadly I didn't have the time or energy to take better shots of the outfit, only a few with my poor phone quality, so this'll have to do ω`) All in all we had a nice day! I'm hoping to get a table for Tipitii this year also at Hellocon and Tracon. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Heres my Yukicon haul!

Some of Koneko-chan postcards for my bedroom wall :3 I saw these at Tracon and a friend bought them, but I didn't have the wits to get them then, so I've been regretting it until now

Two pairs of tigh high socks (have to mend them though, since they're a bit too tight for me) and a cute japanese bag to match my Yukata! It has dragonflies on it, my yukata is bunny printed :3

This lovely map is my Precioussss! I LOVE it! There was this really nice guy sitting next to us at Yukicon selling all kinds of interesting handmade things. Sadly he didn't have calling cards, so I can't link back to him ω`) He had hand drawn this map of the Lonely Mountain and I just couldn't leave it behind (tried it for a good long while, but I should have known better!). I've hung it on the best spot in the house, it's right at our lobby, so I can see it whenever I return home. It'll remind me of all the good and exciting things ahead as well as of the joy of returning home. I'm going to make a friend to it when I have the time: a big old Middle Earth map!


  1. Oot kyllä kuin suoraan jostain Jane Austenin kirjasta! <3

    1. Aww kiitos! (◡‿◡✿) Sitä vähän toivoinkin! Mutta nyt mekko on vihdoin korjattu ja se istuu paremmin!