18 Feb 2015

At Vapriikki Vintage

Photo by Atelieri O. Haapala ω They usually take gorgeous neovictorian photos, but this time the theme was 60's. I am now dreaming of a new lolified wedding photo taken by them in an old fashioned way, I even got my husband to agree, so that's a wow

We dropped by at Vapriikki Vintage with a small group of lolitas a little while back, but I didn't realize that I should have taken more pictures (><) As it was a vintage happening, there obviously were lots of vendors just for that curious old stuff, but what I didn't expect was that people had actually dressed in vintage clothing too! There were people wearing outfits that dated back at the 20's or 60's etc! It was so nice seeing all those fancy people! I had never been there before, even though the event apparently has been around for a while already, but I will definitely be wanting to go next year too!

Got to wear my new hair extensions too :3

And here's what I ended up hauling!

This awesome vintage collar! It is so heavy and in perfect condition! I've been drooling after these at taobao, but this one was the best I've seen so far, so I didn't think twice about getting it :3

I also bought a very long faux pearl necklace, which I dismantled and remade into a long necklace, a short necklace and a 3-tiered bracelet! I also had some secondhand freshwater pearls back home (been stashing them for years), so while I was at it I finally managed to make them into a bracelet!

And finally, a vintage inspired repro dress! I really fought with myself whether or not I should buy this dress, because I had just purchased my first brand dress from Innocent World (you'll see it later) and I was a little low on cash. But I'm so glad I bought it, I would have regretted it terribly if I hadn't! But I had to take the zipper apart and sew it back on, because it hid another 4 cm of useful fabric (which I really needed to fit in the dress)! And I'm still wearing a corset with it... But it's worth it  

Afterwards we went to grab a cup of coffee at a nearby café. I really enjoy talking with all the local lolitas here in Tampere! It's so nice to notice how most people have so many similar interest. I can honestly say I have more in common with most lolitas I've met so far than I've ever had with my colleagues back at the art school! And I spent there 4 YEARS, so that's a lot of time to get to know a lot of people, but still we had so little in common there! I am SO happy I had the guts to join the lolita community here


  1. Oli ihan mahtavaa! :D
    ..sä kyl teit löytöjä ja tosi hyvä ku nappasit tuon mekon, sopi tosi hyvin!
    Hame muuten oli tosi kiva, eikös se ollut uusi tekele? Ihan unohdin kertoa, että tykkäsin. ^___^

    Tulipas kivoja juttuja helmistä! Yayy! <3

    Lolien kans löytyy monessa asiassa paljon yhteistä, vaikka ihmiset on silti niin erilaisia..samaa oon huomannu jossain muussa alternative-porukassa. Ehkä tämmöiset erilaisuudet kutsuu samankaltaisiai ihmisiä. On ihanaa kun yhteisöllisöidyit! ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Joo oli kyllä niin kivaa :3 Kiva kun jaksoit järkätä! Ja mukava kuulla, että tykkäsit mun väkertämästä hameesta, mulla on välillä niin outo maku, että joskus vähän mietityttää, että mitähän tästäkin nyt tulee.

      Mun mielestä jotenkin erityisen hassua, että just lolien kanssa on niin paljon yhteistä! Hienoa tietenkin, mutta kiinnostaa niin kovasti että mistä kaikesta se oikein johtuu. Siitä saatais varmaan tooosi pitkä keskustelu aikaiseksi joku kerta :D

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