15 Feb 2015

Rambling about projects in the making

Lately I've been so tired. I had a crazy-assed flu, but now that it's done with me and moved on, I'm still not feeling any more energetic. I've got piles of half-assed scribbles I need to finish and post here, a pile of Tipitii stuff to photograph (and make) and post. I've still got some of that Society6 stuff to do (it's a new thing, check the link to see what's it about!), wonder if I'll ever finish it though? I've got a half-made lolita appropriate winter coat (finally yaaaay!): I'm done with planning, pattern making, silk and wool dyeing, and now I just need to felt the fabrics and sew. Oh holy crap, that's going to be a lot of work!

But I'm still really excited about the winter coat! I've been embarrassing myself with lolling around in that terribly slim normie coat I have, and feeling really awkward about it too. It's nice in normie clothing, but just so mismatched with everything I wear in lolita. But that's going to be in the past soon! One of the best things about this coat is that I only had to buy the lining and buttons, everything else I already had. So it's a sort of a budget thing really. Here's a sneek peek for a few things for the coat making :3

Wool and bamboo and silk before dye bath!

 After dye bath! The colours are actually more wine red and soft rather than hot pink, the lighing was terrible when I took the photo!

Here's the silk fabric for the coat, it's soft and flowy :3

 These I'll probably be using for felting the coat, it's going to be ombre red!

 Finally my treasures! These buttons I got from e-Bay, they are glass and they are just breath taking! They really look like candy, the photo does no justice! Also my lining fabric is still in the mail, so I can't show it to you, but it supposedly turned out to be something so much more than I had planned for to begin with (thanks to my husband's brilliant idea)! It's going to make my project into a plot twisting turn-out coat!

Let's face it, I make more work for myself with my money saving projects, but you know what, even though having lots of things on my to-do list sounds kinda bad, I'm still happy to have projects. It keeps me going. And after I've finished something I always feel happy about it, even though there's other things waiting for my attention. Usually I feel like I've just made something with all my heart, be it a pancake or a necklace (unless I screwed up, but thankfully that doesn't happen often). I just need to remember that there's no time limit to living. I used to forget it easily, back when I was still studying art, because I was just drowning in work all the time then. But I don't need to rush anymore by being busy-busy all the time. I can take my time, because usually everything is not on a deadline here. Unless I make those deadlines myself. Which I try not to do, because we all need some off-time too. Gotta remember to have some fun, because it's all part of living!

Speaking of which, this lolita thing is definitely growing on me faster than I ever expected! And in a good way too. Remember all that phobic talk about not liking gold and glittery stuff, and in fact avoiding them like a plague? Of surely not ever going over the top? Well guess what, I've got an elaborately gilded and heavily over the topped lolita coord all planned out to the T, and it is going to be gorgeous! And probably a little bit surprisingly weird too. Or maybe not? Further details are still a secret, since I have to buy the fabrics and sew it first, and there's tons of fine details and accessories I need to buy and make. And the planning is just so much fun!

But the hardest part is that there's no reference to be found to what I'm going to make. I'm guessing somebody must have done it, but I just can't find any pictures of it right now. But anyway, I'm so excited! It's going to take a few months to make, since I'm going to have to budget it, but you'll see it once it's ready! So it's going to be a super secret hushity-hush project until then!

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