25 Mar 2015

Just an outfit and some talk about weight

I actually wore this twice the same week when I was meeting some friends. What can I say, I just love that skirt! It still is my dream item, hands down (><)  But I can only coord it with casual-ish looks, since my perfect-with-this-blouse does not quite fit (anymore).

Skirt - Classical Puppets
Jewellery - brooch from e-Bay, one Kalevala ring & one old treasure ring, everything else handmade by me ~ JosKii (btw shiny grey beads are labradorite gemstone, my favourite!)
The rest - random stuff from my closet

Actually, a lot of my other blouses have been having this very same problem lately. I've noticed that my boobs are way bigger than they used to be, and the buttons of my blouses keep doing me some nasty tricks. So obviously I've gained some weight (can't really tell though, since we don't have a scale), the only thing I do know is that some of my clothes don't fit me anymore. Even the lolita clothes I just got last autumn are way snug now, and that is just pissing me off! I just started the damn thing for crying out loud! 

Hence I started doing taekwondo workout at home (thank you Youtube!) and also took up biking now that the snow's pretty much melted. I figured I'd be a ninja when I grow up, so taekwondo is perfect for me. My mom always used to say I can't do martial arts, even though I really wanted to and it would have been helpful since I was bullied at school... But I figured that nobody's stopping me now! My husband's pretty happy about it, he's eagerly hoping me to show him the kage bunshin no jutsu (sorry, he keeps reminding me about it and cracking all kinds of jokes), but the best part for him is that he get's to teach me some cool stuff about mountain biking and BMX too (^^)

The only thing I'm still upset about is that the taekwondo newbie lessons actually start maybe some time in august. So I've got to wait and train hard. To motivate myself I started writing everything down in a simple diary, so I can see what I've been doing and for how long and if I've improved. This is the fourth week of my endeavors toward becoming a ninjutsu master and I'm pretty happily keeping it up! We still don't have a scale and I don't know if I've lost weight, but who cares! It's making me feel more energetic and happy anyway, so at this point it's just a bonus if the blouses fit me next time I need them for a meet.


  1. You look very lovely, I adore that beautiful brooch! :) And good luck with tae kwon do, don't be discouraged if it takes some time to get into the real classes! I've been learning tkd for about two years now and it's awesome, and this week I just started taking kickboxing classes too! Might there be a gym nearby that offers something along those lines that you can take before the tkd classes start? It might help get you used to the environment :) Anyway, good luck again!

    1. Thanks so much ◕ω◕ I'm happy to hear you have great hobbies too! I'm really looking forward to the tkd lessons! A good friend of mine is amazing in kickboxing and he's been of in tournaments all over other countries too, but I feel like I just need that extra touch of asian philosophy or something to make it more appealing to me :3 But I am so pumped now after hearing that you've done tkd for a long time and still love it! Lolitas can have these awesome hobbies too ❤

  2. Your hairstyle is so pretty! I always have that problem with blouses so usually just stick with cutsews. I didn't know you could do taekwondo on Youtube, I must check it out!

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Aww, thank you ❤ ◕ω◕ I like buttonless shirts a lot and would wear them with lolita, but loli-appropriate ones with my sense of style are so hard to find. Luckily now that I've been at this training thing diligently for over 10 weeks, I am actually fitting to my blouses again! Yay! Everything else is working out better than before, apart from my knee being completely shot. Youtube is a lifesaver, there's some really great tutorials for how to taekwondo, but now I just need to lay low until my knee is resurrected :3