1 Mar 2015

Valentine's meetup

Dress - Cherise clothing
Jewellery - Kalevala
Collar - vintage
Stockings & purse - e-Bay
Headdress - Bodyline & Tipitii
The rest - random stuff from my closet

We had a lovely saturday spent together with lolita friends at Pyynämäen Oma café I LOVED it! I will definitely be wanting to go back again! They had a delicious looking selection of yummies and I was even more excited now that my allergies have subsided, so I could actually eat something for the first time in years instead of just drooling at other peoples yummies (^^) Thanks to Saija for most of the photos!

I was able to get myself a banana chocolate cake and it was so GOOD! I've never had macarons before in my whole life, so of course I had to correct this massive error (and up a level in lolita) and take some home to share with my husband ◕‿◕ I half expected the macarons to taste like cardboard, but they were surprisingly good. Not my favourite thing though, I loved that cake more! But now I can add yet another surprising thing which has happened to me through my lolita experiences to my wow-list: the one macaron that tasted the best was actually raspberry. I used to hate raspberry! But my husband always loves it, and the raspberry macaron was so pink, so I had to choose it. And it was yummy, fancy that.

I really love the people I met at the Valentine's meetup, old friends and new ones! I had such a good time! Saija had brought us heart shaped cards and we each wrote something nice to each card about the recipient, and then we all had a card of our own full of nice things to take home 

We also brought a Valintine's gift worth about 5 euros and exchanged them randomly with each other. I got a cute pair of earrings! They will be just perfect for my new coord! And those shiny heart stickers will surely end up decorating some other crafty project too :3 

Here's all of us! I love it how everybody has their own style and look! It was so nice to spend Valentine's with them!

I brought my handmade coord game with me and we played several rounds! I am so happy that people actually like to play it :3 I would have loved to play more, but the café was so very full, so most of us headed home soon after the group photo.

But the four of us (Irina, Annica, Saija and me) went to play some more and take photos. I managed some horrendous derping shots of myself, but they are so unseemly, that I couldn't bring myself to put them here (tried though!). Other people maybe kawaii potatoes even when derping, but I am not one of those lucky cuties (>ᴗ<) Unfortunately we didn't have the time to play after all since I had a train to catch °^° But I had really fun none the less!


  1. Uaa, I didn't see this post here, stupid meee ;__; But YOU were so cute and so classic and all and yes. I had so much fun with you there again >u< ~
    And I think your derpy pics were the best! xD

    1. I am a late poster (in other words, just lazy), so it took me 2 weeks to post this! There's tons of other posts just waiting for me to get them done (even from last year). But I much rather enjoy being with you guys than sitting down with my computer ❤

      And honestly your derping shots are the cutest. EVER! I looked like an ugly flamenco with no feathers in the shots. Maybe I'll try looking like a beaver or a wolverine next time, those are at least fluffy. Or maybe even a swamp monster would look seemly ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ