13 May 2015

Afternoon tea meetup at Skybar and a shot knee


 Dress - tuned up Axes Femme
Jewellery - selfmade
Purse - e-Bay
everything else - random stuff from my closet

Hi there! Back again. Been a quiet while, but I'm still alive and more or less kicking. It's been 10 weeks since I started training in order to get into better shape and I'm still at it. Lost some weight (don't know how much since we still haven't got a scale), gained muscles in places where I never had them before, no honestly they keep just popping up  ┐('`)┌  And I broke my knee very badly (and some other body parts which healed up way better than the knee), but can almost walk now. Trying to sort it out, so I can get back on the bike. I'm seeing a specialist now, so we'll see how that turns out.

I am very upset though, because I had to sell our Hellocon tickets (AND the train tickets I got in advance) on account of the shot knee! My husband had even promised to come with me, so I wouldn't have ended up a nerve wreck all by myself. And now I keep seeing all over facebook how everybody had such fun over there, and pretty pictures and fun stories, and I had to just sit this one out! Life, you hate me don't ya? Oh well, had worse things happen, so I'd wager I'll live. MAYBE.

Despite all that my gilded and overly secret sewing project is going well, lucky my knee doesn't have a say about that at least. I am way excited, since it's going to be gorgeous! (ω)  It's going to be my most elaborate lolita outfit yet. It's taking quite a lot of effort though (and a LOT of handmade tiny details), so I doubt I'll top that any time soon after finishing it. I have the skirt part ready and finished, also I managed to make all the jewellery and hair pieces for it. After I finish making patterns for the top (for both tops actually, since this is a 2-way coord I need 2 different tops!), I just need to get the shoes and a few other finishing touches, like a purse maybe, I know I'll need it, and some new makeup and and... and try not to blow my budget. But I'll be sure to post it here once I get to wear it. I'm sure my comm will get to see it first and I'm very excited to hear what they will say about it! But I'm guessing it'll have to wait for a sunny summer day, since it is not exactly the warmest thing to wear.

But we'll get back to that later! Here is a meet up at Tampere Skybar, which was a long while back, but what the heck, I'll post it anyway, doesn't make it any less fun either way! Thanks to Sera for arranging the meetup and thanks to Saija for most of the photos!

 My fastest lazy hairdo prettied up with flowers :3

As I said, this was way back when I still couldn't fit to my blouses, so I didn't wear lolita. Instead I wore this Axes Femme dress, which I tuned up during the winter (will post about that some other time). I love the dress, it is so vintagey! And yes, gotta love the boots too, but I don't have any other winter shoes yet :/ 

I met lots of new people and I really must say I love them all! And it is such a joy to see all these different ways of wearing lolita and be just looking like yourself and feeling home with it :3 

I just couldn't help myself, I just had to take a few closeups of some of the lovely fabrics! I just absolutely love the feeling and look of real texture in these dresses! I usually end up picking fabrics based on the material instead of the colour or print if I'm going to sew something, so these textures really make my heart skip a beat

Aren't they gorgeous? And the colours too are just my kind of silvery blueish grey and dusty pink, sort of vintagey and just so pretty!

I was so very stuffed after. Even so much that I felt nauseous, so I made myself a promise to never to go there again! I mean the yummies were okay, some even very delicious, but there wasn't much of a variety and most were just SO heavy. I would have appreciated some fruity lighter tastes better. But I had fun none the less! Everybody's so nice! The thing about Skybar however should be the "spectacular" view. Well, ahem, not so much, but it's still home sweet home anyways


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new dress!

    Would have loved to come to the tea meeting, I have never been to Torni's afternoon tea.

    1. Glad to hear it! I'm looking forward to seeing the complete outfit myself, a bit nervous though wondering what people will say about it, and if per chance I screwed up somehow ゝ(^~^;)ゞ

      I think you might like Torni's afternoon tea, it's definitely worth a shot! I however prefer a quiet comfy café with a good piece of what I actually want to eat, because, let's face it, I seriously over stuffed myself and ended up wishing I had never set foot in that place. It's what happens when you pay a fixed sum for all you can eat, I'll just have to save myself next time (*-`ω´- )