19 May 2015

Tampere Kuplii meetup

Dress - Innocent World
Head piece - Tipitii (handmade by me)
Jewellery - handmade by me
Shoes - my very old treasures

I think this would translate into "Tampere Bubbling" or something. Anyway, we had a meetup at Tallipiha café on the side of the comic event Tampere Kuplii. Didn't see much of the event itself, but had lots of fun and weird conversations and got to spend time with great people as always with our lolita community! Thanks again to Saija for the outdoor photos!

And while I was happy to attend, I was also painfully aware of the dress being too short for me, but I couldn't help myself: if it's new I have to wear it. Well, I have that fixed now since I became the proud owner of a long creamy underskirt, can't wait to wear it  You might also have noticed how hairdos actually tend to flatten once stepping out? That's what happened here. Better shots further down with proper hairdo!

I must say I looove my very first brand item ever!     This Innocent World dress is just ohhhh! They just have that classy way of making it perfect. Though the fit was ever so not perfect to begin with (but that is changing now that I am exercising and getting in better shape), but fear not, I have not altered the dress itself. While you might not see it, I am actually wearing a waspie corset under that dress. Luckily it's made of the sort of stretchy high quality materials that it is hands down the comfiest corset I have ever owned (and I have had near 10 which I regularly wore and loved to bits), so I made it through the day without a hitch.

For an unknown reason I am also wearing knee socks, though they are not visible in the photos. I swear I'm going to look in the mirror next time I leave the house  (_;) On the other hand it is nice seeing how I notice my own shortcomings in lolita when I look at the photos, that way I can learn and grow closer to my own style. I guess it's just gaining experience, but the more I see lolita fashion, the more I understand it's inner workings. It's also nice to hear what other lolitas have to say, I like hearing constructive critique and personal preferences too. At first I didn't know how to take the gain from it, since everything was so new. I simply didn't own anything else yet apart from what I was wearing, and I honestly just didn't know any better. But now I feel like I've really gotten the hang of it!


  1. I love this dress, black and white is my favourite combination ^_^

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Thank you ❤(っ^▿^) It sure looks like white on the photos, but it's acually vintagey beige. It goes well with cream, which I like to wear much more than snow white, so it works perfect for me :3

  2. Ihana uusi mekko ja hei, onnittelut brändistä :D Once you pop, you can`t stop ;) Tykkään myös siun hiuskoristeesta, tosi kaunis.

    Ihana miitti on ollut teillä taas!

    1. Aww kiitos ◕ω◕ Ja sit kun pääsin vihdoin omistamaan tän ainokaisen brändikomistuksen, niin budjetti onkin ollut tiukalla. Onneksi kerkesin ostaan sen ennen sitä *evil laughter*! (*-`ω´- )人(`ω´*)