26 Jun 2015

Finished my secret project!

I've been babbling on about this project for quite some time now, but it is finally finished and outed even! It's just a one-way coord for now, but I'm planning to make it into a two-way once I find myself lacking in things to do ;3 

This project began with me having a craving for a special outfit with gilded details. I loooove the aestetics especially in ancient chinese and indian clothing (and in so many other cultures too). But I just didn't like the way that qi-lolita is usually made. It is somehow too modern for me and and I felt like it's lacking in detail. What I love is the feeling of devotion you see in a handmade outfit with exquisite detail, you see the history and the thought behind such pieces! I felt like I wanted to make something like that for myself.

I began by looking for suitable vintage fabrics. I was mostly searching for saris (or sarees) with maybe red, but definitely with a certain kind of gold borders. I didn't have a very clear idea about the patterns until, after a very long time of searching, I found this red sari:

Then everything was suddenly all too clear! Even with the sequins that I hadn't liked before, I knew that this was the perfect fabric for my projecty and I had to get it! Sorry for the horrible photo quality, I took these with my phone, because the package arrived just as I was stepping outside for an errand. Later I just forgot to take better photos before I had cut the fabric. And see, I got myself two different saris, so I'll probably be using the other one for some elaborate lolita project as well!

The good thing about saris is that they are usually some 5 meters long, so there's plenty of fabric to sew with. The bad thing is, since they are vintage, that you can never be sure what they are made of. The red one for instance was speculated as silk blend, but after wear I'd recon it is entirely synthetic, which on the other hand is easier to wash, but not very nice to wear as it does not much breathe.

I started my project with making the patterns (oh yes, this time I actually made repeatable patterns), so the top compliments my shape perfectly, which never happens with readymade items, since my back, shoulder and other features give a lot of trouble for being very unsymmetrical. I used to have a lot of physical problems due to this, but now it's luckily mostly just down to the shot knee (which I'm told will mend).

These are the right colours. I just love it how the colour of the fabric shifts ever so gently with light and the gold parts shine beautifully!

Skirt parts all cut up!

Top parts all cut up and buttons in the making too!

And yes, I made the buttons all by "me onesies" :D  I thought golden buttons would've just ended up looking beastly and might have unbalanced the outfit. Also, it did not strain the budget to just use what I've got.

I did a lot of handiwork including the sequins. A LOT. This is the purse in the making, trying to figure out how I wanted the sequins here.

I did a few cotton layers inside the purse to give it better form, because I didn't want the corner of my phone sticking out awkwardly. It turned out nicely!

Here it is (ω) YAY! More photos and details later when I get myself to make a post about a meetup I attended with this.

I am SO happy with this outfit (^^) Everything is handmade by me, except for the stockings and the under skirt. I promise more photos later to come!

I also got myself brand new vegan makeup for this coord (okay, that was just an excuse to get something new, colourful and flashy) (>ᴗ<) Also very proud of managing a hairdo with my own hair (and extencions for the buns). My problem with this outfit was that I just had so much trouble finding the right shoes, and I am still without them. I had plenty of ideas, but they all went south.

These were the ones I originally had planned for...

...but alas, they sent me these. To top it off, they sent these in a size too small to wear.

Then I found these and figured I should get something practical I can wear even outside lolita. They are perfect for my everyday wear, and I am hoping I can own them with this outfit too. But again they were way too small when they arrived, so now I am waiting for the right size to arrive. I swear this shoe getting business is the crapiest part of the entire outfit... I decided to definitely not invest in any shoes, which I cannot wear outside lolita anymore, since I don't have the space or the budget to accommodate them. I have other hobbies and things that need my attention and funds, so compromises have to be made. Luckily I am not a perfectionist and can still be perfectly happy with my coords and have fun all the same (◕‿◕)

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