9 Jun 2015

Magic Tea Party tuning

 This is how the tuned dress now looks like!

As I have most probably mentioned before, when I first bought this dress: it was certainly not made to fit someone not-so-petite, even though the size was supposedly large enough to fit me. It was a very awkward fit at first. Later I concluded that they have no sense of height or boobs in Magic Tea Party's dress designs in gereral (though personally I only own this one dress from them, so I can't say for sure if it applies to all of their designs, but that's what I gathered when snooping around).

The dress was made "large" only by adding to the sides instead of making it overall bigger. Hence the dress I received was more like a babydoll cut on me (which it was not supposed to be), and not a very flattering one at that, since it was not meant to be a babydoll. The waistline needed to be lowered and it needed some other changes too to have the dress flatter my shapes more (since I, for one, do have boobs and not a flat shape as the dress would suggest).

I was also ticked off by the unfinished hemline and collar, so I just tidied those up in the process to have a more refined look (because, let's face it, the unfinished parts made the dress look just plain cheap). But I guess this is my own fault, and I expected it. I know that buying cheap is getting cheap, although that does not account for the poor fit. But I just loved the fabric so much, so I was prepared for a little fixup with this dress when I made the purchase. Though I ended up having to fix more than expected.

So, changes were in order and here's how I went about it!

 Left is before fixup and right is after. Sorry about forgetting the petti on the latter. 

Before and after.

I added some 10 cm to the shoulders and hid it under the ruffle collar. You can also see here that I tidied the collar (and hem) by turning the zigzaged edge and sewing it hidden. It made the whole look of the dress go up a notch! Details do matter (^_~)

You can see here the unfinished edge of the collar. I also had to change the lace on the collar, since the old one was too short for the new neckline.

It came quite a bit lower after tuning!

 I think the new lace integrates into the dress quite nicely!

The old waisline and bust does not flatter even the mannequin! It is just sad and saggy and baggy over the bust, like hanging a formless sack over. It does not sit right on the armpits either! It was made for someone with the tiniest boobs I recon.

So I ended up making modifications here too. I sewed two seams under the bust to make a better shape on the armpit and under the bust. It does not flatter the mannequin perfectly, but it flatters me very well and that's what matters!

And finally a large bonus for my hard work! Not only did the dress flatter me perfectly, but I found an old picture of me in the dress as it were before tuning! The same dress and hat used about six months before and just a few weeks ago in two different coords. 

 The old coord from january 2015 with the unflattering dress. Oh I hate the sight of it! Also it's a bit embarrasing to look at this coord now...

And my new coord in May 2015 with the fixed dress. No dodgy little bags or details! How's that for improvement on style? (^^)


  1. Fits much better. And even if it was cheap it looks like brand for me :O The fabric is nice! :) and yeah.. I have a long back so waist part in dresses (or anything basically) always comes a bit on my chest...

    1. I have a few babydoll dresses which look just fine, but this one was such an awkward fit (>人<) I'm not even particularly tall, so the shape of the dress completely surprised me on arrival. But I love the dress now and am happy now that it's all fixed up :3

  2. Tämä on aivan ihana! Näytät niin aidolta leidiltä <3
    Hyvää työtä fiksailussa, sitä ei tavallaan edes huomaisi, ellei olisi ennen ja jälkeen kuvat, mutta istuvuudesta näkee isosti. Ompelutaidoista on hyötyä! :D

    Kiva että samettihanskatkin on päässy käyttöön :)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Joo, ompleutaito on kyllä niin se budjetin puolustaja! Saa vähän halvemmalla hienouksia, kunhan vaan jaksaa kaavottaa ja nysvätä epäergonomian kanssa, mikä taas joskus on sinällään jo vähän huh ja puh (⌒_⌒;)

      Samettihansikkaat oli niin täydellisesti tohon mekkoon sopivat, tykkään niistä kovasti, vaikken ookaan vielä kauheasti niitä päässyt pitämään ❤