2 Jun 2015

Sera's birthday meetup

Dress - Magic Tea Party (tuned up)
Blouse - Infanta
Hat - Yolanda
Rosette on my waist - Kawaii-Mori
Necklace & rosette on the hat - Tipitii
Earrings & bracelet - handmade by me
Gloves - birthday gift from friends (tuned up with lace)
Tights - e-Bay
Underskirt - Glitzy Wonderland

I was at Sera's birthday meetup a few weeks ago and we had fun yet again! We all brought a little something to eat and by the end of the day we'd had a real feast! We even played card games which is always fun to me :3

I ended up making my coord around the gloves which were gifted to me on my birthday (an unusual way to make a coord, I know, but I really wanted to wear them). I was really happy when I received the gloves, because this very dress was in the mail back then, making it's way to me and I knew they'd be the perfect match I think I finally managed to pull the perfect coord, at least I'm really happy about it.

This Yolanda bonnet is my dream hat! I adore it! I think it has been some 10 years since I first started having secret cravings for these kind of real bonnet hats from Jane Austen movies. I didn't much care for the regency dresses, but the bonnets, ohhh. Although this particular hat has a tragic background story, but luckily I'm beginning to forget about all the trouble I had to go through when I first bought the hat. Oh the grief! I couldn't even mustle enough strength to write about it in here, because the whole order (including this dress) was such a tale of woe. But I can say this: I am NEVER recommending shopping in MyLolitaDress to anyone.

 Here's the hair do under the hat. I'm very proud I managed a hair do with my own hair which stayed put throughout the day! Will keep practicing to come up with different styles without having to resort to wigs (since I just hate wearing them).

I took the hat off occasionally to show the hairdo and while I was not looking my hat got snatched! I have a vague feeling that I might have treathened to kill someone at the party, who tried my hat on without my permission, and then carelessly tossed it on the couch. Sorry about that. But it IS my dream item (and has been for some 10 years as I said earlier, so I'm a bit jumpy with it). I love it to bits and I don't like to see any of my other items being carelessly tossed around either. I treat them with care and would like others to do so as well. I went through a lot of effort to make the hat look pretty again after MyLolitaDress had damaged it so badly by stuffing it in a cardboard box too small for it to ship. Luckily I had lots of help from our local  lolita community on how to straighten out the hat Bless you lovely people ♡  

Here's the yummies! Sera had baked a green cake! It was very good though I must say I was a bit sceptic since I've never had green cake before  (••)

 Here's all of us! I do not know how on earth I ended up looking so bulky and big in these photos! But who cares  ┐('`)┌


  1. Omg your outfit is so perfect, very Jane Austin indeed!

    { sparklesideup.com }

  2. Tosi klassinen ja kaunis, hyvin mätsätty kaikki :)! Ja söpöt noi hymiöt mitä käytät, varsinki tää: (•ㅅ•)
    Harmi että joihinkin ihaniin asuihin tai asusteihin joskus kuuluu traaginen tarina, been there done that..

    1. Kiitoksia ♡ Mulla tosiaan kävi nyt ikävästi sillain tän hatun kanssa, että päädyin sittenkin sellaiseksi rage-loliksi, josta toiset näkee painajaisia
      ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ
      Onnekseni voin kuitenkin todeta, että ragetin varsin minimaalisesti, koska myöhemmin asiasta puhuttaessa eräs ystävä ihmetellen sanoi, ettei ollut huomannut yhtään mitään! Ei siis traumoja ಥ‿ಥ Tämä olikin pikkujuttu eikä ollenkaan lolita-spesifi, sillä jos joku salaa kävisi sormeilemaan minun Keskimaan karttaani tahmaisilla tassuillaan, niin olisi hengenlähtö silloin hyvin paljon lähempänä :'D

    2. Joo aika herkkä aihe varmasti, olisin reagoinut varmaan samanlaisesti :( Varsinki kun sen saaminen käsiin on ollut hyvin vaivalloista! Sen takia jos omistaisin liian kalliin mekon niin ei se olis enää kivaa kun pelkäis jatkuvasti et sille kävis jotain..!

  3. Ihana asu ja Hattu on upea! Sopii sulle todella hyvin! :)