11 Aug 2015

Summer meetup

Skirt - Bodyline (tuned up)
Blouse - Axes Femme
Earrings & gloves & hair flowers - handmade by me
Necklace - old treasure
Ribbon brooch - FanPlusFriend
Bag - Ludovic Jacqz from Society6
Shoes - Taobao

There was a meetup I attended a few weeks ago, and the theme was "Finnish summer". Obviously finnish summer is short and has only a little snow, whereas the winter is long and rather never ending. I was thrilled by the theme, because it suited me well and I love making my coord fit a theme (as long as it's loose enough to manage with my smallish wardrobe). My coord was therefore a bit bitter (not exactly bitter sweet, but something along those lines) and the skirt had ice creams on it. I also threw in my old leather gloves, which I made many years ago (and wore very often!) since they seemed to tie the ero-vibes of my current favourite bag together with the rest of the coord.

I was a little bit unsure about the gloves at first, but since they used to be one of my very favourite items, I thought this was a good opportunity to get to wear them again after a long while. I was prepared for hearing that they would be out of place in my coord, but what do you know, people actually loved them and complimented my dear old gloves! Fancy that  (^_~)

All and all I felt very comfortable wearing this coord. I was originally supposed to get more colour in my life through lolita, but I do prefer it black. That's just how it is, and it seems I can't get far from it. But then again, who the heck cares as long as it's fun and feels good  ┐('`)┌  

Oh, I've actually learned something about posing? 
Fancy that, miracles do happen (_;)

My most used hair do. I wonder if I am just lazy or could it be that this simply looks good with just about everything? I even made a tutorial when I first came up with it
(^^) And it so happens that it is also the ONLY hair tutorial I ever made. Does that say something about me...?

I love the group photos and also the people were darlings

But this is ever so much better while derping (;ω)and I had a great time (even though my face is saying I have no idea what the heck I should be doing)!

I am proud to say that I'm currently sewing my new puffy chiffon petti (or more like organza, since it's so stiff). So now, not all talk but a work in progress already! I am hoping for it to turn out well suited for wear even while showing from under a dress or an overskirt. Don't know though yet, have to see how it looks once finished. It has a sort of champagne or beige shade about it, so I'd wager it could look good with old and creamy colours. I just hope it won't end up looking too much like underwear. I'm even dreaming of art nouveau vibes or something fairy-like for a coord with it, but I'll just have to wait once it's finished and see how it looks with what I've got.

3 Aug 2015

Axes Femme tuning

This was the very first dress I ever got for lolita. I love it to bits (><) I wore it a few times, but then got painfully aware of the lace bits that didn't go well with anything. The print is so darn cute and I love the fabric, but let's face it, the original lace is a disaster. I mean, it's not even really brown, it's like dishwater brown and doesn't go with any other kind of brown without looking really dirty. On top of that, it's the sort of stretchy underwear kind of lace which doesn't compliment the print at all, or the whole dress for that matter. In short: it's just yucky.

So I took it out, and for a while I thought I might live with the dress having no lace at all. But then, I just happened to have lots of this gorgeous creamy white lace just lying around and I decided to fancy the dress up with it! The downside of it was, that since I had a fever while sewing, I actually sewed it crooked on the front (_;) but that's all fixed now (though there's no after-fixing photos).

I loved this chiffon dress so much that I got two chiffon dresses more from Axes Femme during the summer! They need a little bit of tune up too, but this time the lace is just perfect. They just make so much noise when the chiffon rubs against the under fabric, that I think I need to remove the other fabric. Instead of needing the fabric under the chiffon, I am going to make myself a real chiffon petticoat!

I have only been wearing cotton petticoats thus far, since I don't like to wear much of a puff. But this is a big step for me, since seeing the chiffon dresses look so terrible without proper puff had me finally admit that I really do need a petticoat. Petticoats are, after all, what makes the lolita silhouette. And now, after getting used to the idea of strutting around with lots of fluff, it has already grown on me and I am actually looking forward to getting to wear my new petticoat! I always loved the classic less puffy silhouettes, but who knows, maybe I'll even start wearing cupcake shapes!