3 Aug 2015

Axes Femme tuning

This was the very first dress I ever got for lolita. I love it to bits (><) I wore it a few times, but then got painfully aware of the lace bits that didn't go well with anything. The print is so darn cute and I love the fabric, but let's face it, the original lace is a disaster. I mean, it's not even really brown, it's like dishwater brown and doesn't go with any other kind of brown without looking really dirty. On top of that, it's the sort of stretchy underwear kind of lace which doesn't compliment the print at all, or the whole dress for that matter. In short: it's just yucky.

So I took it out, and for a while I thought I might live with the dress having no lace at all. But then, I just happened to have lots of this gorgeous creamy white lace just lying around and I decided to fancy the dress up with it! The downside of it was, that since I had a fever while sewing, I actually sewed it crooked on the front (_;) but that's all fixed now (though there's no after-fixing photos).

I loved this chiffon dress so much that I got two chiffon dresses more from Axes Femme during the summer! They need a little bit of tune up too, but this time the lace is just perfect. They just make so much noise when the chiffon rubs against the under fabric, that I think I need to remove the other fabric. Instead of needing the fabric under the chiffon, I am going to make myself a real chiffon petticoat!

I have only been wearing cotton petticoats thus far, since I don't like to wear much of a puff. But this is a big step for me, since seeing the chiffon dresses look so terrible without proper puff had me finally admit that I really do need a petticoat. Petticoats are, after all, what makes the lolita silhouette. And now, after getting used to the idea of strutting around with lots of fluff, it has already grown on me and I am actually looking forward to getting to wear my new petticoat! I always loved the classic less puffy silhouettes, but who knows, maybe I'll even start wearing cupcake shapes!


  1. Näyttääpä muuten paljon paremmalta nyt ^__^ kiitos ompeluinspiraatiosta! Yritän saada itteäni takasin koneen ääreen tutkimaan omia projekteja :)

    1. Kiitos! Sitä aika pienellä pystyy tekeen oman näköstä eikä tarvii ihan nollasta alottaa! Mukavaa että innoitti ja toivotan ompeluonnea sullekin ❤(っ^▿^)