13 Nov 2015

Recovering and finished petticoat

Okay, I'm back again! Since posting here last time I've been through a surgery and, what I hope to be, a full recovery. So lots of unposted things have happen in the meantime, but I'll try and catch up! Last time I talked about my chiffon petticoat, which is now all finished and worn several times already. I have no work in progress pictures though, since I just used MeLikesTea's tutorial on youtube to make the petti (with some minor alterations). It turned out absolutely perfect! The volume is exactly what I wanted, (fancy that, even though I was afraid of it ending up too bulky) and cost me under 20 euros (^^)

I also got myself a gorgeous dress from a friend second hand at the beginning of the summer and tuned it up a bit. I figured it could go well with a creamy blouse to make a lolita coord with a vintagey vibe. I thought maybe I could even manage to pull off a coord with an art nouveau vibe with it, but I think it'll take a little effort to pull that one. We'll see.

Left: before tuning. Right: after tuning and with my new petticoat

I love the cotton lace of the dress, it has such a lovely fairy-like feel (◡‿◡✿)

I have given up on my *rather unrealistic* dreams of becoming a ninja and settled instead on just going to the gym regularly. It has been going well, and helped the recovery from the surgery, but the knee is still giving me trouble and can't handle things like it used to. I'm not really complaining though, since I can bike and even run without breaking it, just so long as I know my limits, or rather the knee's limits. 

But on top of the faulty knee and the occasionally aching surgery scar, my old nemesis has come back to haunt me: my creacking shoulder, which is considerably lower than the other one and has kept on giving me all kinds of trouble through out my entire life I swear if I'm not careful it'll pop right out of its socket one of these days.

I'm hoping for the shoulder to start shaping up too as I start avoiding exercises that upset it and finding the right ones to stregthen it. I'm glad I've got my husband going to the gym with me, otherwise I'd be sure to bust myself into little pieces by doing everything wrong, but he seems to know how to instruct me properly, so I won't end up making the same mistake twice ω

All in all after a few weeks of diligent training, I can see clearly now my stamina and energy levels gradually building up, so it's very encouraging and I keep going back to the gym eagerly! Also my body size seems to be smoothing out, since I can fit to some of the clothes I used to wear! And man does it feel good (^^)


  1. Pretty dress! Trading clothes with friends is always fun.

    And men are so handy, haha. I'm glad things are going good for you! I hope your shoulder gets better!


    1. Thanks, I think I'll live ❤(っ^▿^)

  2. Kiva lukea taas sun postauksia! Kaunis pitsimekko : )