8 Dec 2015

Death's Head Moth brooch

I've been wanting to get a brooch of some sort for a long time now, but never quite found the one I was looking for. I wanted to be able to wear it with my lolita clothes as well as casually, and due to this so many of the ones I liked were just too fancy or overly cute to be worn casually. Then, when I finally found the perfect artist who makes all kinds of awesome things, ofcourse I had to have other purchases to be made, so I couldn't prioritize the brooch after all (><)

However a little while back on November when I had my birthday my sister gave me a giftcard to Etsy! We usually don't even exchange presents anymore (a mutual agreement, since we are both awkward at it), so it was such a nice surprise that she had thought to get me a giftcard! 

And I knew right away just what to get with it!

Behold my mighty Death's Head Moth brooch from Monica L. Knighton

I am so pleased with my brooch! It is made of wood and beautifully carved with stars on its wings. It is so very fine and detailed craftmanship! And when the package got to me (really fast too from the US and all the way to Finland) there were all kinds of wonderful things included! So many small and beautiful artworks to admire! I am very happy with my purchase, will definitely keep this artist in mind in the future! Now I just need to figure out the perfect coord to go with this! Oh! All these new ideas (ω)



2 Dec 2015

Visiting Arboretum

Back during the summer we went to Arboretum at Tampere with a dear old friend. It was such a great trip! I'm quite positive that if I ever get a garden of my own I will plant random rosebushes all around the yard. Been having this thought in my head ever since I visited the Arboretum last year (for the first time), and it seems the thought just sticks with me. Roses are so magical, and it seems that just looking at them always takes me years back to a different time. And in Arboretum you can see so many different kinds! I loved these especially:

I wore my new Axes Femme chiffon dress, which I got second hand from a japanese auction site. Just a plain look this time though, it was such a hot day. I really love the dress, though I had to make some classic modifications to it *again*. The sound the underskirt was making while rubbing against the chiffon was nerve wrecking, so it had to go. Also there were tons of white rhinestones on the collar ruffle, not my style, so they had to go too. But overall I am very pleased with it now. I also got myself a sea green Axes Femme chiffon dress with a design very much alike this red dress, and in love with that one too! Wearing these makes me feel somewhat elegant (◡‿◡✿)