31 Jan 2016

Christmas party

It seems I am getting lazier by the minute at keeping up with my blog. But at the same time I am getting more active in lolita, so I'm guessing it's not really a problem (but I'll try to pull myself together with this). Anyhow, back in December I attended a Christmas party with my non-lolita friends. I saw it as a good chance to wear my favourite skirt (Classical Puppets Carousel skirt), though casually coorded, and also my brand new Death's Head Moth brooch, which had just arrived a few days earlier (one of my must-dos: if it's new, I just have got to wear it as soon as possible!).

Since a hat/headpiece was required of all the attendants of the Christmas party, I managed to put a black necktie-ribbon and a black rose brooch on my hair, though they kept falling off all trough out the evening. That led to wondering if I might be in serious need of a black flower headband, and very soon after that it escalated into ordering one>ᴗ<  

Not a big fan of how it turned out, but at least it's black-Christmas themed
(*-`ω´- )(ω´*)

I also participated in our finnish lolita Secret Santa circle and sent out a secret gift to a fellow lolita. This is what I received from another lolita! I really love my Secret Santa gift! I feel like the person who sent it to me really thought about what I might like and put an effort into making it special for me ♥ 

I got a pretty set of envelopes & writing paper, a fresh water pearl necklace and two bracelets!

These are so adorable!

The only thing I liked less about this year's Secret Santa circle was that it was actually secret this time. The gifts were sent anonymously and most of the participants can't know how their gift was received. Last year many of us sent the gift with the sender's address, so you knew who sent it and could thank that person. It's of course no big deal, but I felt like I liked it better last year, because I like to put thought into the gift and would like to see if I succeeded in making it delightful for the recipient, that way I can learn and improve myself at it. And also I would have liked the opportunity to say thank you in return for the gift I received (◡‿◡✿)

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