9 Feb 2016

Christmas meetup

Dress - Axes Femme
Blouse - FanPlusFriend
Underskirt - selfmade
Accessories - more or less selfmade & vintage
Waist cincer - Agent Provocateur (well actually a suspender belt, but it serves as a corset)

I arranged a Christmas meetup at a café for our local lolita community (since I couldn't fit the other Christmas meet in my calendar T^T). It was so nice to meet  new people again! It had been a long time since I had been to a bigger meetup, but now I feel like I should like to do more of those in the future.

I didn't bother to do anything about my hair, since I knew the weather would only make it worse, so I just slapped the headband on and that's it. Also the waist cincer was due to a moments impulse before stepping outside, not sure how it turned out, but it was finally more or less comfy wearing it, which means I am gradually downsizing `)

I ended up not taking any pictures at all during the meetup, since it was so wet and rainy and gloomy (^) According to traditions I even coorded my outfit around Christmas, so that ended up looking pretty much the same as the weather. I wore my Axes Femme chiffon dress, but I actually coorded the whole thing around my snow globe necklace. Then I bumped into the problem of not having anything black for my hair (again), so I ended up with flower brooches on my head (again!). The white flower had some frosty glitter to match with the snow globe, but I wasn't particurlarly happy about how it turned out. I managed the whole meetup with horrible hair, thanks a bunch rain, wind and crappy finnish winter

But I had fun none the less! And we had a Christmas gift swap too, this is what I got!

A huge mug and Christmas tea! I have to confess I haven't had the courage to taste the tea yet, since the scent is so strong, but the mug has been put to good use! It is big enough to hold about half a liter, so it's perfect for breakfasting! I really love it, and even my husband started coveting it as soon as I brought it home (><) I have been using it so much that I've actually had to scrub the tea stains out of it twice already.

I wore this same Axes Femme dress during the summer when I first got it (of course, if it's new I have got to wear it), so I came up with a less lolified outfit for our friend's wedding party. That was back when I was still waiting to get to the surgery and when I still had long hair, so not such a flattering photo of me, but here it is anyway (and by the gods I really do NOT miss any of it).  

When I compare these photos to the ones I've taken recently, I really do feel so much better about myself. It's not really all due to the change in hairstyle, it's more like many small changes add up to better quality of life all together, like the hair, the gym, the aspects and attitudes I've changed about myself, and also the acceptance of things lost and the ability to move onwards without brooding over them. I feel like I'm finally beginning to see it all turn to just effortless being instead of the effor of trying to change.

My husband is wearing a silk vest inspired by Sweeney Todd, which I made for him a few years ago. I wish I could wear stuff like that too, historical and old style suits and vests look so cool and mysterious!(;ω)I'm hoping for a gangster look for him one day, maybe it's going to be one of my sewing projects :3

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