24 May 2016

At Vapriikki Vintage

Late posting as ever, sorry about that >  <'  Earlier this year I visited Vapriikki Vintage with a few friends. There were some fine historical outfits and shows, so I got inspired to wear something similar and ended up with my Innocent world dress (but I didn't wear heels unlike some one the photos indicate)! Seems I really have turned back to black, though I have lots of coloutful lolita clothes too.

I really wanted to wear my beautiful Yolanda bonnet, but sadly I lost the courage to do so on the D-day  ﹏⊙ Hence the black flower headband (see, I told you I've been wearing it everywhere). Looking back now I feel a bit disappointed in myself, the bonnet would definitely have brought a certain Jane Eyre-ish wibe to the coord, but oh well.

Here are some photos of the historical outfits and the market:


 Check out the details of this awesome vintage dress!


Also, me taking selfies equals the definition of crappy. But I needed one to show you my awesome new Jackdaw brooch (yes, it's brand new, so I had to wear it!).

I got myself a second hand vintage hat with cream and old blush pink colours! I love it, although I haven't had the chance to coord it with anything yet (such a very rare scenario!). But I know I have a bunch of things to match it, so I'm just waiting for a proper opportunity to pull it off gracefully(‿♡)

Me and Saija got ourselves some large clip-on earrings too, which are great to slip through a button hole on a blouse to wear as brooches.

I've already finetuned the pair on the left, they've been relieved of those rright blue stones to match my coords better. I bought a pair of silver and purple earrings and Saija bought a pair of gold and purple, so we swapped so we could get one of each for both

11 May 2016

Black flower head band

Sorry for not being active in a while, I've been feeling like crap lately and started wondering why I even bothered with all this in the first place. But now I'm feeling much better and I've got a ton of posts to catch up with!

As I mentioned earlier, I had been craving for a black flower head band for a long while, but couldn't decide whether to get some black flowers and make it myself or just buy one ready-made. I decided it would be less time consuming to get one ready-made, so here it is from Nebula X in Etsy!

 I was actually really having trouble choosing just one of her amazing creations, but somehow I managed. Lucky I picked this one, because it's so simple and goes with practically everything, so I have been wearing it everywhere!

I couldn't be happier! This is in fact my most comfortable head band ever, I don't even notice it when wearing it all day (and I have had my fair share of headaches in the past while wearing these things). Also it is very well made and sturdy, and I can easily flip the chained front piece back to hide it as it does not really go well with this kind of hairstyle, or atleast I haven't found a way to make it look good yet. I think I can safely say that I'll be getting some more of these from Nebula X.

Another purchase arrived around the same time as my flower head band: a recycled brooch featuring a Jackdaw! I am currently a little bit obsessed with jackdaws, so I could not sit by when I came across this little beauty by The Ombre Poodle in Etsy. I have been wanting to get more brooches too, and in gold no less, so perfectly directed budget I'd say (^^)

So this happened back in january or december, and like always, if it's new I've got to wear it! So off we went to see Swallow The Sun perform live with -20°C outside and no hat because of headband ** It was a bit cold. 

But at least I've managed to not wear high heels anymore at all, so I guess it's an improvement? Not to mention I am able to stand (and dance even) for a long time without the knee breaking on me, so I'd say I'm going in the right direction, even though I did think it a good idea to wear a flowery head band instead of a hat in that weather. But who's to say it isn't a win-win situation (^^;)