14 Jun 2016

Dracula meetup

We had a small meetup at my place to watch Bram Stocker's Dracula (it ended up being a really tiny meet, because sadly many had to cancel). But we had lots of fun anyway and even my husband joined us (>ᴗ<)   
I finally got to wear my newest lolita skirt: Take Me To Church from Anna's Secret (which I got already on december!) and was really excited about it! I love it to bits (just look at that lace!) although I laughed so hard at the writing on the hem, it makes no sense at all! It's the crappiest english I've seen in a while :'D But I guess that just adds to the appeal of the skirt, I don't take my goth business so seriously, so it is in fact just perfect for me.

I did get a little carried away when I was planning my coord, since I love Bram Stoker's Dracula. And yes I know the movie can be a little funny and awkward at times, but it has huge nostalgic value for me, and the clothes, omfg those clothes (;ω) And once upon a time we also watched this particular movie on our second date with my husband (yeah, that was about a decade ago O_o ).

I got my inspiration for the coord from the scenario, where Elizabetha flung herself into the river and Dracula cursed god when he found her dead. I thought the skirt had perfect gloominess for that, so I just added a reversed cross to the waist, tear shaped earrings and a single red ring. Looking back now I realize that the coord is a bit colour blocked, so next time I'd definitely try to add either grey or white to make it more balanced. Lucky I took photos, so I can grow better at this!


  1. Voi kökkö mua harmittaa kun en päässy tonne! <3
    Tosi ihanan lookin kehitit asuun sopivaksi ^_^

    1. Kiitos(๑>ᴗ<๑) enköhän saa aikaiseksi järjestää tässä syksymmällä uuden leffamiitin, vaikka Liisa Ihmemaassa -teemalla ;)