24 Aug 2016

Hellocon 2016

Thanks to Saija for taking the photo

Okay, I give up and am starting to post at random (because obviously  I am just too lazy to post cronologically or even regularly despite multiple attempts at this). Hence forward expect the unexpected, i.e. summer posts in the middle of winter and Valentine's before Christmas  (yes, you heard me right, the Valentine's meet in february is still to be posted)  (_;)

Back in june I finally attended Hellocon, defying all odds as last year I couldn't attend due to my badly broken knee. This year made it very clear to me that my leg is apparently cursed, at least against Hellocon, since it doubled in size (and pain) with Hellocon approaching. And truth be told I did sorely regret that I went despite everything, because my leg was in such a bad shape and I was in burning, swelling pain the whole time. In fact I went only, because I didn't want to waste my ticket, which I had got way back when they first became available (couldn't predict this happening) and I had booked a room with a friend.

Here's my ankle back at the hotel room. Seriously, I couldn't even see my bone structure at all, it was just all one fat calf going on and on. I even had to coord my entire outfit around my converse shoes, because they were the only shoes that could accommodate my very swollen and sore ankle. And don't be alarmed with the red thing above my ankle, that's just my ink.

Despite all this complaining I did manage to enjoy at least some of the time. I didn't get to see all the thigs I had wanted and planned for originally, but I was really lucky to have a friend next to me almost the entire time I got to see lots of friends and spend time with them, I got to see all those amazing people and coords (and also wonder what the hell was I doing there in my converse shoes amidst that sparkling sea of frills).

Here's a few snaps and some of my favourites on the runway:



I did some shopping too. Here's what I ended up hauling back home:

I got a purple-grey-black brooch/hair clip from Lolita Butiken, I have no idea who made it, but it's so perfectly weird and the color matches spot on with one of my older shirts! I also got a pair of  Restyle's earrings, but I'm thinking of piecing the up into a necklase, brooch and a lighter pair of earrings maybe? And I finally got Peppermint Fox's Belladonna brooch! I've been eyeing their stuff for a loooong time.

 I got finally a beret (lovely black one of course), which I can easily decorate to match my outfits. The purse is Cloudberry Lady, I really love those colours so I spoiled myself a little by getting it even though I knew I had almost nothing to go with it (but that problem got solved real fast after I showed it to a certain friend) (^^;)
This bolero had a fascinating story behind it! I was told by the previous owner that it used to be white and she had tried to dye it black, but it hadn't gone as planned, resulting in a peculiar mixture of grey, black and brown. I've tuned it up by removing all the lace and simplyfying the sleeves (sorry no photos yet), and now the design is much simpler, so that the style and the silvery grey tone match many of my dresses and skirts (including the one below)!

This Clourberry Lady's mermaid skirt I purchased from a friend. I had been drooling over it for a long time, but after seeing the purse live (and getting it), the skirt just couldn't elude me any longer! I love it sososo much! (;ω)

Obviously I didn't spend my time being idle, but I did miss out a lot of the things I wanted to do because of the leg problem. It's almost fully healed now, so luckily it's not tormenting me too much these days, but it still takes a lot of effort to keep it that way.


  1. Kiva kun pääsit Helloconiin jalan kunnosta huolimatta! ♥
    Se kyllä kannatti, muuten olisin napannut tuon Belladonna-rintaneulan itselleni. Muahahahaa! xD

    Odottelempa innolla minkälaiseksi olet tuunannut tuon Jennin boleron, se oli kyllä oikein mainio löytö sulle. :)
    Ja tieks ihan sama missä järjestyksessä postailaa *kröhöm* mulla kans vaikka mitä vielä tekemättä, mutta oma blogi ja oma päätösvalta!

    Törkeästi muuten nappaan mun lavakuvaa käyttööni. :P Kiitoos! ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Joo tottakai saa siepata kuvia! Oli muuten ihan törkeen hieno toi sun mallailema asu! Ja kiitos seurasta, oli kivaa shoppailla taas yhdessä :D Lohdutukseksi voin luvata, että pääset sentään näkemään sen Belladonna-rintaneulan ens miitissä (^_~)☆

      Boleron viimeistely hipostelut onkin nyt vähän jäissä kun tuunaan parhaillaan huonekaluja (niistäkin postaus jahka tästä saan aikaiseksi), mutta hissuksiin kai hyvä tulee థ౪థ Täytyy varmaan alkaa bundleen postauksia samaan niin on enemmän sanottavaa ja vähemmän rupeemista :P

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