3 Sep 2016

Moomin meetup

 Skirt & purse- selfmade
Dress underneath - Axes Femme
Jewellery & headband - selfmade & vintage

Earlier this year I attended a Moomin meetup at a friends house. The theme was Riviera, since we planned to watch the movie Moomins at Riviera. I got a bit carried away by the theme and ended up wearing my India skirt with flowers, because it felt so exotic and summery! (◡‿◡✿) I'm actually still pretty pleased with this look, which is rather rare these days, I always seem to find something I would like to change or feel I could have done better afterwards. But I'm happy to notice that this is not always the case!

 Notice the pillows I made by piecing together the excess fabric left over from the skirt! I loooove that fabric! Also feel free to drool at my couch, I know I'm doing it every time I see it even thiugh it's already mine (‿♡) Btw the painting on the wall is also handmade by me, it's the logo of my newly updated shop Ikuri Immortelle!

 We even drank our tea from Moomin mugs (>ᴗ<)  

It was really fun, I was surprised how good the movie was even though I usually don't care much for Moomins (childhood trauma, don't ask). I heard it had been made very truthfully to Tove Jansson's original works, and there were all kinds of messages there, obvious and more or less hidden, most of which are still very much at hand here. Definitely would watch that movie again!

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